Statement to be read in Strasbourg from the internationalists of the long march

Dear comrades, those who are walking in solidarity for the liberation of Abdullah Öcalan and all political prisoners in Turkey and all over the world, for the defense of the Rojava revolution and the end of the Turkish invasion in Afrin, we salute you!

We came from different parts of the world, we are people from different origins and more than 17 nationalities. We cannot deny that in each of the places we come from we have struggles and resistance that are manifested everyday. However, due to the historical bonds between our people, we also can not deny that what would happen there will affect the whole world and will inspire us to struggle against the institutions of oppression wherever we are.

Most of us who are here have not suffered what you are suffering in the diaspora. We can even travel to your land while you are denied the right to do so. Which kind of world is this one in which the children of Kurdistan cannot go back to their homes, visit their families, live and die in their land? This put us in a privileged position, and this privilege means an undeniable responsibility: to work hardly until there are no more borders or wars, until the children of your land can come back, until the fire of the revolution lights every corner of this world and until there is no one left in this world who has to forcedly leave his or hers beloved home.

We are convinced that the day will come in which the nations without state will recover the place that was stolen from them by the nation-states. But for you this is already a reality: you have taken back Rojava from the hands of the Syrian regime and defended it against DAESH, you have built the Democratic Confederalism, a political system in opposition to the nation-states, developed an ecological way of economy instead of the industrial exploitation of mother nature , women are taking back and building their own spaces that patriarchy and capitalism stole from them, your youth want to come back to their homeland and your grandmothers defend it with weapons if necessary. Due to all of this we have a joint duty to defend the Rojava revolution in order to allow this flame to continue burning more and more, and thus shining us the way to the collective liberation, towards a fair and peaceful world.

We are facing the downfall of the capitalist civilization and witnessing the dawn of democratic modernity. As internationalists, we answer to your invitation of rowing all together in the same ship against the capitalist forces who are defending themselves with bombs from their eminent collapse.

Neither the rain, nor the snow, nor the insults and provocations from turkish fascists were able to stop our determination to march for the freedom of Abdullah Öcalan and all the political prisoners in Turkey as in the rest of the world; for the defense of the revolution in Kurdistan and for the end of the invasion in Afrin.

As internationalists we salute and respect you, your struggle inspires us and gives us hope,

Long live to the peoples who struggle, as resistance is life.
Long live the Kurdish people who is determined to not be annihilated.
Long live the Revolution of Kurdistan.
Long live the solidarity and comradeship between peoples.

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