Suffering a war: martyrs and refugees 25/02/18 – Defend Afrin, Resistance Diaries #05


We wake up in the camp that the people of Efrin prepared for the convoy, after a long night with bombs falling almost all the time. Some bodies of fighters who died by the attacks of the turkish army arrived at the city, and we go to the funeral march from the hospital to the cementary. Later we attend a meeting of the refugees council in the neighborhood of Esrefie, were the local commune is organizing new places for the families arriving from different villages of the Efrin Canton. The refugees tell us their stories, there are people from all around Syria. After leaving their own cities and villages trying to escape from the wars of Kobane, Aleppo Manbij or Raqqa, they found shelter in Efrin. Now the war reached their houses again, and they came to the city fleeing from the turkish bombs.


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