Daughters of Inanna

Exactly one year ago, five young girls were murdered in a school in Heseke in northeastern Syria. While they were playing volleyball they were bombed by a Turkish drone. This was not an accident, but a targeted assassination.

The targets of these attacks are precisely selected and have symbolic value. They are commanders of the military self-defense forces, politicians, people who participate in the self-government or young people who organize themselves in the youth movement. The Turkish state, by means of its new warfare, is trying to silence all the people who take a pioneering role in the political-ethical society. Thus the Erdogan regime wants to destroy the revolution.

The attack on these five young girls has a symbolic meaning. The whole world has understood that the revolution of Rojava draws its energy from the spirit and organizing power of young women and girls. The Turkish state itself admits this fact with this attack. But the daughters of this revolution will not be intimidated. With each attack, the determination to defend this revolution and all its people grows bigger!

Internationalist Commune of Rojava,

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