The fascist Turkish state mobilizes at the border to attack Northern Syria!

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Whats happening?
Since 9 July, the Turkish occupying army has started a new military movement along the Turkish-Syrian border. From Suruc to Ceylanpinar, more tanks, artillery and heavy equipment are being moved to the Federation border every day. Especially in Akcakale, opposite the northern Syrian town of Tal Abyad (Gire Spi), troops are being assembled and trenches dug.

Tel Rifat in Shehba has also been under fire from Turkish artillery in recent days. Here, too, there are increasing signs that an occupation operation is being prepared by the fascist Turkish army and its Islamist allies. In the past few days, rumours have been circulating about the imminent start of an invasion against Rojava.

There are few to none official statements, only the USA calls on all participants to restraint and tries to control the situation. Especially in the last 3 days an increased activity in the airspace near the border can be observed. Both fighter planes of the international coalition and the Turkish armed forces patrol over the areas of the troop deployment and reconnaissance drones fly the terrain.
It is difficult to predict exactly what the AKP-MHP regime is planning, but the troop deployments should call us to vigilance. The Erdogan regime has been in a deep crisis since the Istanbul election defeat. Parts of the ruling AKP party are splitting off and trying to build their alternative, the crisis between the USA and Turkey has reached a new level with the first deliveries of the S400 missiles and the already miserable economic situation is worsening visibly. Because the regime in Ankara is confronted with its own decline, they are betting on war and expansion to hide their weaknesses.
Besides the threats against the revolution of Rojava and further troop deployments to Idlib, the escalation of the natural gas dispute in the Eastern Mediterranean between Cyprus and Turkey, the expansion of the occupation operation in South Kurdistan under the name “Claw 2” as well as the interventions of the Turkish state in the Libyan civil war must be regarded as part of this concept.

The self-government of Northeast Syria today called on the world public to act against the occupation policies of the Turkish state and tomorrow dozens of demonstrations and protest marches have been announced throughout Rojava. It remains to be seen how the situation will develop in the coming days.

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