Together we will resist against the genocidal and patriarchal regimes! To the youth, women, people of Balochistan struggling against genocide!

From Rojava we send revolutionary greetings, strength and support to the youth, women and people of Balochistan. These days, in which the occupier states attack society with all its cruelty, abduct, torture and kill your people, you are not bowing down your head but resisting with the power of the people, not fearing the state system.

Imperialist powers started to get their hands on the lands of the people in the region.  Just as they did against the Kurds, the Armenians, the Druze and so many more ethnicity of the region that were murdered for the the economical and power interests of the colonizers.

This history is a common one of so many societies, cultures and values. The resistance of the people made them an object of the aggression and the oppression of dynasties and empires during the centuries. When the nation-state system was forced on to the region in the 19th and 20th century by British colonialism the state of Pakistan was created and they made Iran also to a part of their system. This led to a countless amount of people that were left without representation and status. Proud and strong societies always provocative the rage and hate of those that want to force their patriarchal-state system on to the people, exploiting their lands, culture and heritage. What they want is to turn people to modern slaves, without history and culture. The resistance of women that are not accepting the patriarchal system that is being forced on to them is provocation the rage of the patriarchal state system at it’s core.

Against those who don’t accept this until this day, the state power, such as Pakistan and Iran, are implanting their politics of genocide and terror. But once again, the people of Balochistan under the vanguardship of the youth and women are taking to the streets, are organizing and resisting.

Women always protected and defended the society and its values. With their vanguardship and their sacrifice they create free societies and fight for women’s freedom.

Abdullah Öcalan named our century the century of the women’s revolution. The fire of this revolution burning in the mountains of Kurdistan, Rojava, Iran and Baluchistan will soon set it’s sparks everywhere. Understanding that we cannot await anything from states and global imperialist forces, we have to defend our selves and build up ties between our struggles. Your resistance gives hope and strength to us in Rojava, Kurdistan and for all the people in the Middle East that are fighting for freedom, equality and democracy!

Internationalist Commune of Rojava,

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