“Under the leadership of youth towards a democratic and colorful Middle East”

2nd Middle East Youth Conference is prepared in northern Syria / Rojava

In 2015, the first Middle East Youth Conference was held in Amed, under the initiative of the youth organizations of the HDK (Democratic Congress of the People) and the DTK (Democratic Congress of the Society). As a result of the conference, the coordination of Middle East youth was established. For various reasons, this coordination was unable to carry out its tasks in practice. In the decisions of the first conference was also the decided to hold the second conference in the cradle of the revolution North Syria / Rojava. As part of this decision, this initiative was launched on 14 July 2018. The initiative consists of Arab, Kurdish, Turkish, Turkmen, Armenian, Assyrian and Aramaic youth. The preparations for the second Middle East Youth Conference are already in full progress.

The goals of the second Middle East Youth Conference

For the Middle East Youth Initiative the conference has short-term and long-term goals. For short-term goals, they specify three goals:

  • The first goal is to get to know the various youth organizations,

  • the second goal is to discuss and focus on the crises and solutions of the Middle East.

  • The third goal is to determine the right organizational mechanisms.

To the long term goals, they indicate the three following goals.

  • First, the democratic and socialist youth of the Middle East should develop a common spirit of struggle.

  • The second goal is to counter the crisis in the Middle East by expanding the democratic line of peoples.

  • The third goal is to spread the perspectives on the revolution and uprising of the hegemonic forces.

A four-day program was prepared

In the Middle East Conference, which will last four days, the youth will discuss the crises and chaos in the Middle East caused by the colonial and ruling powers. Seminars will be given on various topics and a discussion platform will be formed.

  • On the first day the participants and the guests will give speeches.

  • On the second day, topics such as the great Middle East project of the imperialists and rulers, the freedom struggle of the women and some Middle Eastern understandings as well as orientalism, dogmatism and nationalism are discussed.

  • The third day of the conference will discuss the Kurdish freedom struggle, the liberation struggle of the Palestinian people, belief and religious problems, and democratic Islam, the Middle East’s youth movement, and the gerontocracy (rule of the aged).

  • On the last day, the issues in the 21st century are the crises of the Middle East, the role and the tasks of youth for a future in freedom (the Spring of the Peoples), and the line of organization of the youth of the Middle East.

  • The conference ends with a big moral evening.

The preparation is in the last stages

As part of the preparations, talks were held with all youth parties and organizations and all revolutionary, democratic and socialist associations. During the talks, the objectives and importance of the conference were explained and invited to the conference. The conference will take place end of February in northern Syria. The conference will be held under the motto “Under the leadership of youth towards a democratic and colorful Middle East”. Young people from all over the Middle East are expected to attend the conference.

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