We defend Northern Syria and Rojava because we defend a world without fascism and patriarchy

Statement of YPJ international

Erdogan and the AKP- MHP fascists have shown with the recent bombings of already displaced people in the camp in Maxmur and Yazidis in Şengal their will to invade also Rojava/Northern Syria and introduce fascism all over Kurdistan and beyond. Since a long time the Turkish state has kept a strong connection with Daesh/IS. For us it is clear that they are different faces of the same enemy.

This fascist unit of turkish state, its mercenaries and Daesh is being confronted by the comrades and the society here in Northern Syria and all Kurdistan. After the ongoing and brutal invasion of Afrin the NATO member Turkish state threatens to attack again the liberated area of Northern Syria, where the revolution is advancing with women at its forefront.

At the time that our comrades are fighting Daesh in Deir ez Zor, advancing in liberating Hajin, others still continuing to attack the invaders in Afrin, we are answering with a shout for freedom to the threats against this revolution. It has become our revolution, because we as internationalist have learned, seen and lived, that the people in Northern Syria are creating the grounds for a free and communal society based on gender equality, ecology and basic democracy.

Opposing fascism, feudalism, patriarchy and all the other forms of oppression unites us as women from different places, cultures and traditions. We came here to be confronted with what it means to build up a revolutionary process, to take part in constructing and developing everything what is needed for it and defend it by all means necessary.

It is not only a physical defense but it is also an ideological defense. This is a womens revolution! The front against oppression is everywhere.

The economical and political relations that any organization or state is keeping with turkey are in the same way responsible for this situation of a coming war. Only one example is the German state that is selling tanks to Turkey and keeping up a “good diplomacy” with the fascists. All of this helps Turkey in continuing its tradition of colonizing and massacring people.

As internationalist we are taking up the weapons against the Turkish state also because of the collaboration of other states in this war. For this reason we oppose fascism even stronger to defend the revolution in Rojava. We share one struggle with the Kurdish, Arabic, Assyrian-syriac, Turkmen and a huge diversity of people against patriarchy, the state system and capitalism. The seeds for a free life are already spreading everywhere in the world

We will evolve a resistance everywhere. We need all people, comrades, to feel responsible, not just to wait for the war, but to stop it now! It is the time to stand up against fascism! Our places are many, as well are our methods in this battle. Silence means complicity, let’s point our enemies as a target, make the situation visible, get organised, start to share and spread the beautiful ideas that are the base of this revolution.

As internationalist fighters we believe that we become free women when we face the enemies attacks shoulder to shoulder. Remembering all the comrades that have fought for freedom until the end – among them thousands of women- our answer to these threats is unlimited resistance! Their courage and love for life is an example for us while following their footsteps.

We will succeed!

Long live the people’s strugle for freedom!

Long live the resistance of Rojava and Northern Syria!



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