With our conference we are laying the foundation for a democratic Middle East

We were talking with 5 different young people participating in the 2nd Middle East Youth conference in Kobane.

Asur said that he would join the conference as a representative of the Syriac Youth Movement. He also took part in the preperation committee of the conference. He also emphasized the importance of the conference for the youth.


The young woman Beritan came to the conference from South-Kurdistan and is herself part of the organization of the young women there. She hopes that with the conference a step in solving the problems of the Middle East is being made.


The Palestinian Adil Yassir also joined the conference. He is emphasizing the importance of the Palestinian cause for the whole Middle East and also sees the model of Democratic Nation developed by Abdullah Öcalan as a solution for the Palestinian cause and the whole Middle East.


Zavir joined from the city of Minbic. He himself is Circassian and emphasizes the necessity of uniting forces in the defend of the homeland.


Hüdar is a young Turkmen woman from Minbic. She went to the conference to raise the voice of the Turkmens and with this contribute in the fight for their rights.


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