You became the Light: in memory of Azad Şerger (Thomas Johann Spies) & Şehîd Asya Kanîreş (Kadriye Tetik)

On June 15th 2023 the guerrillas Heval Asya (Amara) from Turkey and Azad from German fell martyr in the mountains of Xakurkê. As Internationalists they gave the most meaningful answer to colonialism, oppression & injustice.

Heval Azad (Thomas Joham Spries) from Mainburg, Germany followed an internationalist ideal, dedicating himself to a revolutionary life, based on struggle and resistance. He rejected life in the capitalist system and until his martyrdom never stopped fighting for free a life.

Heval Asya Kanîreş (Kadriye Tetik) also demonstrated her internationalist character, coming from Ordu in Turkey she knew the face of all the oppression that capitalist modernity offers, seeking a life far from oppression and exploitation, she joined the caravan of immortals.

You became the Light: Poem in remembrance of Şehîd Azad & Şehîd Asya

Interview with Azad Şerger (Thomas Joham Spies)

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