Young Internationalist Women release Mashup for Jîna Amini

In memory of the young Kurdish woman Jîna Amini, who was killed by the Iranian Regime and Nagihan Akarsel, who was killed by the Turkish Intelligence Service in Basur, the Young Internationalist Women recorded this Mashup of three songs in Sorani, Kurmanji and Persian.

“Jin Jiyan Azadî is an unstoppable fire, a melody every woman can find in herself. The attacks on women right now in Rojhilat, Iran and Balochistan are attacks on every woman in the world. The strength of the resistance of the women in these and all the other places around the world where women are taking action is a strength every woman carries. The fight against patriarchy is international and this is how we have to live it. Together we make this system burn, we are a Million songs becoming one. We are the song of life and life is what we create. Kurdistan, Iran, Balochistan – this is only the beginning.”

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