“We don’t look away – These are our comrades and friends!”

Statement against Turkish war crimes and a call to raise your voice & #DEFENDKURDISTAN

For two years now, since the beginning of 2021, the Turkish occupation army has increased the usage of chemical gas and other internationally outlawed weapons against the guerrilla. This has mainly been done in the mountains of Southern Kurdistan/Northern Iraq in the Medya Defense Zones . Just two days ago, the Peoples Defense Forces (HPG) announced the
martyrdom of 17 militants 1 , who are only the latest victims of Turkish war crimes in the region. A video 2 published yesterday shows again the horrific effect that the different types of gasses being used have on anyone exposed to it.

Since April 2022, the Turkish state has started a major military offensive into Southern Kurdistan/Northern Iraq to invade and occupy the region in continuation of their operations in the previous years. Unseen by the public and ignored by the international mainstream media the 2nd largest NATO army is invading it’s neighboring country in breach of international law. The guerrilla is resisting heroically despite the Turkish state’s use of the best modern technology, massive ongoing drone activity in the whole region, continuous 24/7 air-surveillance, uninterrupted artillery shelling, air-strikes and ten-thousands of troups, paramilitary and counterguerrilla-units being mobilized on the ground. The comrades of the guerrilla of HPG and YJA-Star for months and even years now are living under most difficult and unimaginable conditions, but still continuing their resistance in the name of their people and the cause for freedom and dignity worldwide. This
is being done with an unbreakable will, commitment, high-moral and the hope for victory to finally put an end to colonialism and fascism. Because of the Turkish army not being able to crush the resistance with common military means, they are using different types of chemical gas 3 and other internationally restricted weapons against the guerrilla 4 . In a recently published balance sheet the HPG states that in the amount of the last 6 months of war the Turkish army has used 2004 times “banned bombs under international law (phosphorus bomb, thermobaric bomb, tactical nuclear bomb) and poison gas against guerrilla tunnels and positions“ 5 . In these attacks hundreds of comrades have lost their life and became martyrs in the struggle for a free Kurdistan.

Everyday, there is news of another comrade having lost their life. To see our comrades suffer under the influence of chemical gas, to see the fascists terrorizing the the people, our comrades and the land is causing indescribable pain, but it also fills us with hate and rage, with the will to take revenge and makes us restrengthen our commitment to fulfill what our fallen comrades have started and given their life for.

We condemn the Turkish fascist state and the silence towards its crimes! We condemn the ceaseless support Turkey is gaining internationally. The situation is more than serious and our strongest weapon in these days can only be unconditional and strong international solidarity! Turkey and
NATO are using the war in Ukraine and the so called energy-crisis to cover up their war-crimes in Kurdistan. We call on all comrades and friends of the Kurdish people to take action now against the usage of chemical weapons against the guerrilla and the people in Kurdistan:
• Take to the streets, get creative by yourself and take action against the Turkish war-machinery, it’s profiteers and supporters! To take action have a look at the #RiseUp4Rojava target map: https://riseup4rojava.org/background-information/
• Join in the #hashtag-campaign on Sunday, 23 rd October: https://yoursilencekills.com/
• Be part of the #DefendKurdistan Action-Days 30.11.-03.12.: https://defend-kurdistan.com/
• Show your protest to the international responsible institutions and networks, like the OPCW, the UN, the EU and NATO!

Stop Turkish war crimes! Act now and take action!



Internationalist Youth Commune of Rojava,

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