YPJ fighters announce Raqqa liberation [Gallery]

In October 19, it was announced the liberation of Raqqa city, ex capital of the Islamic State (IS, Daesh), Syria. The official statement was made by YPJ spokeswoman Nisrin Abdullah at Al-Naim Square, where Daesh carried out mass executions in the aim to spread terror to both Syria and worldwide. Nisrin Abdullah stated:

“On this day of happiness, we all wish to announce the release of the city of Raqqa, ex-capital of Daesh, congratulating Abdullah Öcalan, Syria and all women.”

The square was flooded with color and smiles, dozens of YPJ (Women’s Defense Forces), QSD (Syrian Democratic Forces), YJS (Shengal Women’s Units) and Christian Defense Forces have celebrated the liberation. The triumph of these women not only involves Daesh driving out from the largest city in northern Syria, but also implies a breakthrough in the liberation of all women in the Middle East. The women of Syria have demonstrated with the victory in this battle that their determination can push back the largest religious extremist group in the world, that they are willing to walk towards independence of their lives, fighting for a democratic and fairer system for all women.

After 135 days of tough fighting inside the city, the fighters from different groups gathered to celebrate the victory. Dances took center stage during celebrations under the rythm of the most popular revolutionary songs. There was also a display of the militia fighting tanks as well as a parade of the YPJ and QSD female forces. Nisan, a QSD fighter from Derbiesiye city, said:

Today, we celebrate the release of Raqqa and women’s freedom and we are very happy indeed. Victory!

British fighter Kimmy Taylor, known as Zilan at the YPJ, has also taken part in the celebrations of the city she has helped to free.

QSD spokeswoman for Euphrates Wrath operation, Cihan Sheikh Ehmed, announced that cleaning operations in search for possible Daesh hideouts as well as landmine clearing throughout the city have already started. The objective is to organize the return of civilians in order to avoid hazards with landmines, as they are the leading death cause for both fighters and civilians.

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