Despite the military achievements against Daesh (IS) as well as the stabilization and expansion of the revolution in northern Syria, the democratic self-administration remains under pressure: Under siege of hegemonic ambitions and violent threats, Rojava has to spend most of its resources on its defense. The embargo against the people of Rojava creates a lack of many things, mostly people with specific skills, medical personnel, engineers, language teachers and translators. But not only experts are needed – we are looking for committed people with ideals.

We are neither an NGO nor are we tourists. We are not trying to “teach” the people of Rojava how to do a revolution, nor do we plan to import European leftist subculture to Rojava. Our work is not about creating fancy projects for our personal development. We are working hand in hand and step by step with the local structures to develop a better and direct way to support the revolution. By integrating ourselves into the local culture and society we aim to become a meaningful part of the revolution.