Support the City Plaza! Your fight is also ours!

In the occupied City Plaza Hotel in Athens more than 400 people are struggling for a life in dignity since more than one year and a half. Refugees and Leftists from all over the world are together building up a self-organized system based on direct democracy. They took their right to live and to stay. They show that it’s possible to create a communal life without hierarchy.

In these days our friends in City Plaza are again putted under pressure by the Greek State, and its courts that decided to evict the Plaza. If the Hotel will be evicted, most of its inhabitants will be forced to live in tents or container-camps again.

The people that are living in the City Plaza know what it means to live in countries that have been destroyed by neocolonialism,  to flee from war and to suffer under permanent repression by the state forces. The fights for the rights of refugees, the fights against fascism and racism, the fights against capitalism and its imperialist order, and the fight against the patriarchal oppression this system is based on, are different dimensions of the same struggle.

Here, in Rojava, as well as in the other parts of Kurdistan, the people are trying to overcome all these types of oppression. That’s why the Revolution in Rojava is also a struggle against the root causes of flight, creating a society able to defend itself and to defend the people living in it.

The City Plaza has not only proven that refugees and locals can organize a collective live in dignity. It also signifies, along with other similar initiatives, that in Europe there is also people trying to challenge the system of the Eurogroup and Frontex, defending a society with values like solidarity and humanity.

Until now, it´s not clear when the state will attack the project, but it’s just clear that there will be resistance against this action. City Plaza is an example of resistance and mutual aid against the oppression and alienation of nation-states, and for this it should be defended. We wish the comrades of the City Plaza strengths and success for defending their structures. Your fight is also ours. We call all left movements and all our comrades to show solidarity with the City Plaza, and to build up self-defence against the violence of the states.

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