Global call for a #WorldAfrinDay on 24.03.2018 – Let’s Show to the world that Afrin is not alone!


Here we will put the statement in the different languages that the people send to us. If your language is not here here, please send us the translation!

Statements in: english, spanish, german, french, italian, portuguese, polish, catalan, finnish


English: Afrin is not alone, March 24 #WorldAfrinDay

Spanish: Afrin no está sola, 24 de marzo #WorldAfrinDay

German: Afrin ist nicht alleine, 24. März #WorldAfrinDay

French: Afrin n'est pas seul, 24 mars #WorldAfrinDay

Italian: Afrin non è sola. 24 Marzo, #WorldAfrinDay

Portuguese: Afrin não está sozinha, 24 de Março #WorldAfrinDay

Polish: Afrin nie jest same! Wezwanie do akcji 24 Marca #WorldAfrinDay

Catalan: Afrin no està sola 24 de març #WorldAfrinDay

Finnish: Afrin ei ole yksin – 24. Maaliskuuta #WorldAfrinDay


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