The Science of Jineoloji

The development of Jineoloji – the science of women – is one of the key aims and major achievements of the Free Women’s Movement in Kurdistan. But it is often poorly understood in the west. Jineoloji International aims to explain the concepts, to translate as many works as possible, and to involve women from around the world in the development of the field.

All of this is provided for free through their website, (in 8 different languages), as well as though educations at the Andrea Wolf Institute in Rojava and elsewhere.

Jineolojî means to start with the roots: with knowledge, with creating, sustaining and protecting the living. It means regaining knowledge that has been supressed and has been lost during history. It means coming together, sharing knowledge and experiences, rewriting history. It means developing and creating different forms of living together on the base of common values, women’s and gender liberation.

In this seminar, taken from, a Dicle Heydar from the Jineoloji Academy lays out the frame of Jineoloji: the history, the basis, the perspective and the aim.


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