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We want to introduce to you the magazine “Revista Lêgerîn”.

The Revista Lêgerîn is a Media for dissemination and sharing of supporting material. It was found in July 2020 and since then has publishes four magazines. It is one of the few own magazines we as internationalists have and where everybody can find new information about the struggle in Kurdistan. Lêgerîn in kurdish means “To Research”. Research because we are on the search for freedom. For this reason, we adopted this name. Like millions of people around the globe, we are seeking freedom and fighting for it. We hope to contribute with our materials, so that we have the right mechanisms and methods to be victorious in this struggle.

When the magazine was found the friends wrote a text to introduce themselves:

Dear comrades,
We publish a magazine that aims to bring the voice of internationalists of the freedom movement. We work from the Rojava, from the heart of the social revolution in the North-East of Syria. We are affiliated with the Kurdish movements and are present at their side wherever the movement is active.
As internationalists of the movement we believe it is important to produce informative and ideological material in languages accessible to our own societies. This is why we have started to publish “Lêgerîn”. Our goal is to make our discourse accessible beyond the borders of nation-states in order to build the revolutionary solidarity that is indispensable for the freedom of all people. The magazine is available in several languages (Spanish-English-French-Portuguese).
It is dedicated to Lêgerîn Ciya, real name Alina Sanchez, internationalist fighter of the YPJ (Women’s Protection Units) who died in Hassakê in March 2018. As Argentinean doctor involved in the struggle within the PKK, she devoted the last years of her life to support the struggle to build a democratic and plural society in Rojava, among other places. “She is a model for all those who suffer under the yoke of modern colonialism and the oppression of the capitalist system throughout the world and want to engage in a revolutionary struggle,”
Our paradigm is built around strong principles of popular democracy, gender equality and ecology. To learn more, we invite you to read our journal and share with us your own analyses and critiques of our work. The journal consists of half of texts translated from Kurdish or Turkish from the material available within the movement, and half of texts written by activists of the movement (the majority of which come from internationalist comrades).
Our magazine is edited by numerous publishing collectives throughout the world, notably in France, Spain, Portugal, Brazil, Costa Rica, Mexico, etc.

We propose you to join our comrades and print it by yourself for your own distribution. In some groups, comrades organize reading circles of the magazine and regularly invite us to participate with them to answer eventual questions or give a more in-depth opinion. We also make ourselves available to answer any questions you may have about our struggle and create together a revolutionary and internationalist collaboration.

We want to salute your work and send you our most sincere revolutionary greetings.
Together we will win. Serkeftin! Serkeftin! Serkeftin!

Mediaworks is one of the most important works we as internationalists can and have to do. It is more important then ever to have our own Media. Our enemy is spreading a lot of wrong information; fake news and other made up stories to harm our movement.


If you and your friends or organization are interested in taking part of the work, you can contacted Revista Lêgerîn via Twitter, Instagram, Reddit or Mail.

[email protected]

You can also check out the website and read all the magazines that were already published:

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