Afrin & Aleppo: Revolutionary People’s War

A Story of Resistance: In this documentary, created by internationalist young women in Rojava, the story of the heroic resistance in Afrîn and Aleppo is told by those who were on the front lines fighting with their people for the freedom of their people.

Revolutionary People’s War describes the strategy where all parts of society, all ages, genders and ethnicities become part of the resistance against colonialism, genocide and fascism. In Afrin and Aleppo, the sheer power that a united society unleashes in resistance was demonstrated:
When the population and its defense forces became one, they were able to withstand an invading army armed to the teeth. In Afrin, the army of the fascist Turkish state and its Islamist mercenaries were prevented from taking the region for 58 days. Despite air support and a huge arsenal of technical tools, the enemy forces failed to break the resistance. In Aleppo, Kurdish and Arab residents of the Şex Meqsûd neighborhood defended themselves against the regime as well as Islamist gangs and are still holding the ground today.

Berxwedan Jiyane! – Resistance is life!

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