The Palestine-Israel conflict sets the global agenda, but do the “solutions” presented contribute to solving the problem? Rêber APO gets to the root of the problem to find a way out of the bloodshed in the MiddleEast

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Abdullah Ocalan

“As long as Islam and Judaism are not liberated from the nexus of power and state, they cannot be reconciled. As long as they insist on being forces of power and state, both forces will find their existence in destroying each other, as in history today.
The histories of power are constructed in this way. Modernity continued this process by further intensifying and solidifying it. Some are crushed under the tripod (capitalism, nation state and industrialism) and this is called solution.

So, in the language of modernity, the solution is possible by being crushed under this red-hot tripod. In the five hundred year old history of capitalist modernity, there are countless such solutions.

It is inevitable that this problem, which has had a very negative impact on the region for the last hundred years, causing great suffering as well as great losses, will continue and have even more corrosive effects with the current prevailing approach.
No other example can better demonstrate the true, bloody face of civilisation’s solutions with power and state rule than the Arab-Jewish question.

The insistence on nation-state approaches makes the continuation of hot wars in Israel/Palestine, Iraq (Kurdish/Shiite/Sunni), Kashmir, Berber, Pakistan/Afghanistan, Balochistan, Kurdistan, Lebanon, Sudan and many more areas inevitable. For this reason, there is an urgent need for democratic-confederal structures. A democratic solution reached in any hot conflict area in the region can have an impact on all problematic areas, as in a chain reaction. Therefore, the future of the Middle East lies in democratic confederalism.”

Internationalist Commune of Rojava,

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