Freedom For Abdullah Ocalan! A Political Solution to the Kurdish Issue!

Today (14/10) the campaign “Freedom for Ocalan, a Political Solution for the Kurdish Issue” was announced in the city of Qamislo in Rojava. Below we provide interviews carried out at the events and the official announcement of the campaign.

For the General Public of Syria, the Middle East and the World

As it is known, on October 10, 2023, with the leadership of union representatives, political parties, social organizations and personalities such as philosophers and Nobel laureates, on all continents and in 74 cities all over the world, a campaign under the name of “Freedom for Ocalan, a Political Solution for the Kurdish Issue” was launched.

We also join this call and campaign under the name of “Initiative of the People of North and East Syria” and we share this statement with you in order to strengthen and achieve the results of the campaign.

Freedom for Leader Abdullah Ocalan!

Abdullah Ocalan is the political leader of the Kurdish people, In addition, many people from across the world see Abdullah Ocalan as their leader. Ocalan is seen as the will of solution and peace for the issues of oppressed peoples and ecology, Based on these facts, Abdullah Ocalan is accepted as the “”Leader of the People.

On February 15, 1999, Leader Ocalan was abducted by an international intelligence operation and handed over to Turkey, Since then, he has been held captive in the prison of Imrali, He has been left alone in a prison for 25 years. His contact with the world, his family and his lawyers has been cut off numerous times, and remains as such. In this way, he is subjected to isolation torture and treated with inhumane practices.

Even though Ocalan is under severe isolation, parties, organizations, institutions and people who have taken inspiration from Leader Ocalan’s ideas are carrying out the democratic struggle in the Middle East with a multiethnic resistance. Many organizations and forces in North and East Syria have taken inspiration from Leader Ocalan’s ideas and are trying to develop them. His theories inspire all those who are fighting to determine their own destiny and put an end to all forms of inequality and exploitation around the world, beginning with the emancipation of women.

Freedom for Leader Abdullah Ocalan! A Political Solution to the Kurdish Issue!

The Kurdish issue has been present for centuries, The Turkish state is leading a policy of oppression, and therefore the Kurdish issue has not been resolved in Turkey nor in any country of the Middle East. The policy of the Turkish occupation republic has deprived millions of Kurds of their basic civil and political rights. It has resulted in the loss of tens of thousands of lives, the displacement of millions, and the strengthening power of racists, religious fanatics and autocracy.

This is connected to serious local and global issues that affect the lives and safety of millions. Therefore, if it is resolved, it will have an effect on all the world. Kurdistan is divided into four states: Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria, This campaign is international, because the Kurdish problem itself is an international issue.

This campaign has been launched internationally, because Leader Ocalan’s case is also international. The torture used against him is by the hegemonic forces of the world, The case of Leader Ocalan is not the case of one person, it is the case of a people who have faced oppression and genocides, and the case of the whole region.

Leader Ocalan, as a scientist, offers solutions for all current issues. He created the manifesto of the 21st century with the thesis of Democratic Modernity.

Therefore, if Leader Ocalan achieves his freedom, he will join the political process of resolving the Kurdish issue and continue to develop his ideas. Freedom and peace will be achieved for all of us. The dictatorial administration in Turkey knows this fact and is afraid of it. Unfortunately for this reason, Leader Ocalan has been under severe isolation for years, so that they are able to continue their authoritarian rule and war. Now and more than ever, we are concerned about the safety and health of Leader Ocalan, This is also a dangerous situation, as no information has been received from him in almost 3 years.

Over the years, it has been shown and proven that the political will of the Kurdish people is Leader Ocalan, He is the key to the solution, Therefore, everyone should know this fact and act accordingly. Today, in the person of Leader Ocalan, policies of genocide and denial are imposed against the Kurdish people, But despite this, he is in a historical resistance, For the right of the Kurdish people, for peace and dignity of the region and for the brotherhood of the peoples, he has made of himself a shield and stands against all forms of torture.

Leader Ocalan should be allowed to see his lawyer and family, But this is not enough, He must be released from prison, and he must have the conditions that allow him to exercise his political role in resolving the confliets between the Kurds and the Turkish state, as well as the Middle East countries. Based on these reasons, as the “Initiative of the People of North and East Syria”, we are supporting the campaign of the ‘Freedom for Leader Ocalan, Solution for the Kurdish Problem’. We call for all social organizations of women, youth, political parties and components of the community to join this campaign.

We will continue to fight ceaselessly, through politics, law, diplomacy and people’s activities. In order to promote Ocalan’s thoughts and ideas in Syria, the Middle East and the world, we will implement all methods and achieve the goals of the campaign.


The Initiative of the People of North and East Syria

Freedom for Öcalan, A Political Solution for the Kurdish Issue.

Internationalist Commune of Rojava

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