Brochure: “I trust in the mountains” – The birth of the guerilla film

For me, the words and faces of the mountains are the strongest expression of the creation days of a people. They are the only reason for me to wander through this part of the earth for years. My friends in the mountains have become the object of my field of vision and the subject of my heart. Sometimes I observed them through my lens, but mostly we were together. Sometimes I was a stranger, sometimes one of them. I walked behind them from mountain to mountain. To reach every height they climbed, every range they reached, my sweat dripped. I did everything in my power to record every word, every face. But deep inside I always felt the pain of never really being able to grasp them. Always something was missing. Next to the mountains I recorded there were always countless words and faces waiting to be captured. The words and faces that I could not record, I have painted into my heart. I call them pictures of my heart. The dark nights, the painful songs, silent laughter, pranks of childish innocence, secret loves that cannot be captured by any lens in the world, I have placed in the frame of my heart.”

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