Commemoration of Internationalist Şehids

On the 24th of March we gathered together with many internationalists and local families of martyrs to commemorate six internationalist martyrs that fell in the month of march: Alina Sànchez (Lêgrîn Çiya), Eleftheria Fortoulaki, Anna Campbell (Hêlîn Qereçox), Lorenzo Orsetti (Têkoşer Piling), Ivana Hoffman (Avașîn Tekoșîn) and Theofilos Georgiadis. While we used this day to remember and honor these fallen friends in particular, it is clear, that their path symbolizes all șehids that gave their life in the struggle for a different world where freedom replaces oppression.

We started the commemoration with a minute of silence for all our șehids. The program was opened with a speech of heval Hesen from the organisation of șehid families. He valued the fact that while many people left Rojava for Europe, these internationalist șehids took the reverse trip and sacrificed themselves for the revolution. After a poem expressed by Koma Andrea Wolf, heval Şoreș Ronahî gave a speech about the meaning of the șehids for our struggle. Afterwards, an emotional cinevision that portrayed the history, personal messages and commemorations of each of the six șehids was shown. Following the cinevision, we listened to written, audio as well as video messages that were sent to us from the șehid families for this event. Ending the program, heval Rodî and Sîpan performed songs honoring the șehids. Finally, we all left together in a convoy to the cemetery of șehids were candles were lit on every grave, with the lighting of a thunderstorm over the free mountains of Kurdistan in the background.

We commemorate our comrades who have fallen in the struggle for freedom and dignity. We promise to follow their example by putting the values of the revolution into practice and continue living them in our daily struggle. We always have to remember that it were our șehids who brought our struggle to the point it is now.

In this sense, we invite all anti-capitalist, anti-fascist and anti-imperialist around the world to take active part in the ‘Week of Heroes’ as one of the main event in the context of the Spring Offensive! Read our call in different languages here:

Everyone gives something, some gave everything. In loving memory of the șehid that paved the way for the rest of us.

Şehid namirin

We took a picture to share the commermoration with the families of the șehids
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