“For me, women’s freedom is more valuable than the freedom of the homeland”

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In order to lead a meaningful life, we must respect women and their role in social life. This is not intended to be a statement about their biological characteristics and their social characteristics, but an analysis of the universally important concept of woman as a being. If we succeed in defining woman, perhaps we can also define man. Taking the man as a starting point in determining woman or life, leads to invalid interpretations because woman’s natural existence is more central than man’s.

The position of woman was degraded and made insignificant by the male-dominated society, but this should not prevent us from developing a valid understanding of their reality. That’s why it is clear that the woman’s body is not deficient or worse; on the contrary, the female body is more central than that of the man. This is the root of man’s extreme and senseless jealousy. The natural consequence of her different body is that the emotional intelligence of women is much stronger than that of man.

Emotional intelligence is connected to life; she is the intelligence that empathy and sympathy governs. Even as woman’s analytical intelligence develops, her emotional intelligence gives her the talent to live a balanced life, embrace life and devote it to not being destructive. We can already see from this brief argument that the man is a system. The man became the state and turned it into the dominant culture. Class and sexual oppression evolved together; with masculinity it has become the dominant gender, the dominant class and the dominant state. If the man is analyzed in this context, it is clear that masculinity will be killed, it must be killed. In fact, the basic principle of socialism is to kill the dominant male. The killing of power means: killing one-sided dominance, inequality and intolerance. Moreover, it means killing fascism, dictatorship and despotism. We should expand this concept to include all of these aspects.

Flower that Abdullah Öcalan sent to the Autonomous Congress when he was in Imrali

The liberation of life is impossible without a radical women’s revolution that will change the mentality and would change the man’s life. When we are unable to make peace between man and life, and life and woman, then happiness is only a vain hope. The gender revolution does not only affect women. It’s about the 5000 year old civilization of the class society that has put man in a worse condition than woman. This gender revolution would mean the liberation of men at the same time. “Total divorce”, i.e. the ability to break away from the 5000-year-old culture of the separate male domination. The female and male gender identities that we know today are constructs that arose much later than the biological woman and the biological man. Woman have been constructed according to this identity for thousands of years and exploited; never recognized for their work.

The man has to overcome this, to always see the woman only as a wife, sister or lover – stereotypes that are created by tradition and modern ones were forged. It would not be correct to put the question of the state first and only then wanting to address the issue of family. No serious social problem can be solved if it is approached in isolation. A far more effective method is to, in overall context, consider the importance of each question in the context of theirs to find relationships to the other questions. This method also applies when we try to solve problems. The analysis of the social mentality without the analysis of the state, analysis of women without analysis of the family and without analysis of the man, would lead to inadequate results. We must consider these social phenomena as an integrated whole; otherwise all our attempts at a solution will remain inadequate. The solutions to all social problems in the Middle East should focus on the position women have. The basic goal for the upcoming period must be the third major sexual rupture; this time against the man. Without gender equality, no demand for freedom and equality can makes sense. In fact, freedom and equality cannot be realized without realizing gender equality. Woman’s freedom is the most constant and comprehensive component of democratization. The social system is particularly vulnerable because of the unresolved issue of women.

First, woman were turned into property, and today she is a commodity, complete, body and soul. The role once played by the working class must now be played by and taken over by the sisterhood of women. So before we can analyse class society, we must be able to analyse the sisterhood of women – this will enable us to gain a lot clearer understanding of the problems of class and nationality.

The true freedom of the woman is only possible if it manages to overcome all the enslaving emotions, needs and wishes of Husband, Father, Lover, Brother, Friend and Son. The deepest love creates the most dangerous bonds of property. We won’t be able to recognize the qualities of a free woman if we do not have a severe criticism to the mental, religious and artistic practised patterns generated by the male-dominated world regarding the woman. Woman’s freedom simply cannot be expected, though general freedom and equality were achieved in a society. A separate and own organizing for women’s liberation is of the utmost importance and should be an order of magnitude that corresponds to their determination as a phenomenon. Of course a general democratization movement also opens up opportunities for women. But she alone will not entail democracy. Women must set their own democratic goal and make organized efforts to achieve it. For this, a special definition of freedom is necessary for woman to free herself from the slavery ingrained in her.

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