From Euskal Herria to Kurdistan: 43 years of resistance, 43 years of life! Bijî berxwedana Kurdistan!

On the 43rd birthday of the Kurdistan Workers Party, Askapena, an internationalist organization from Euskal Herria, released a solidarity statement with the resistance and struggle in Kurdistan:


“It’s been 43 years since the Kurdistan Workers Party was founded. Since then, the Kurdish people recovered its dignity and created the necessary tools to fight the oppression of the Turkish state.

Kurdistan has been historically attacked by imperialism, its natural resources and its geographic location make the control of the region necessary for the development of capitalism. After the falling down of the ottoman empire, USA entered in with NATO. Nowadays, Turkey (one of the most important members of NATO) is the keeper of the region.

Repression, torture, murder, devastation of entire villages, harassment of their language and culture, raping, jail, censorship, banning of political work… these and much more are part of the oppression that the Kurdish people suffer. This is the punishment of the capitalist and patriarchal system against the Kurdish people. This is the way the system uses to survive.

The Kurdish people has shown off a great capacity of resistance as well as the ability to build up a new social system. Having the paradigm of Democratic Confederalism as inspiration, they are taking steps towards a democratic and ecological society based in women’s liberation and with the leadership of the youth.

The autonomy declarations in Bakur, the revolution in Rojava and the system developed by the Yazidis in Başur have become a guiding light for the peoples all around the world in the path of freedom. They have shown us once again that in the struggle for freedom the repression is fierce, that resistance is necessary and that fight is mandatory, it’s the only way.

In Euskal Herria, oppressed by capitalism and patriarchy too, the struggle in Kurdistan is a model for us, a big reference in our freedom fight. In the way towards an internationalist Euskal Herria it is an obligation for us to denounce the responsibility of the bourgeoisie in here in the oppression of the Kurdish people; providing military force to Turkey and supporting economically this fascist regime… SAPA, ITP, BBVA, Iberdrola… are some of the names that oppress the Kurdish people as well as Euskal Herria.

That is why we say that the Kurdish struggle is our same struggle, as well as our struggle is the struggle in Kurdistan.

Bijî berxwedana Kurdistan!

Gora Euskal Herria internazionalista! (Long live internationalist Euskal Herria)

Serkeftin! Jo ta ke!”

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