Solidarity with Maria! – The struggle for liberation will not be intimidated!

The Spanish internationalist Maria, who lives in Germany, has been expelled by the German authorities and banned from entering the country for 20 years. The reason given by the authorities is that her stay in Germany is exclusively for the purpose of activism for the Kurdish freedom movement.

The repression against the Kurdish freedom movement and those fighting against oppression and the capitalist system has been particularly strong in Germany for a long time.

The PKK has been banned since 28 years and it is used as a justification for the persecution of revolutionary and democratic forces that fight together with the Kurdish freedom movement against the exploitation of humanity and nature and for a livable, democratic and ecological world.

The German state is the most important supporter of Turkish fascism among the Western states. Intelligence activities of the Turkish secret service are tolerated and hints and demands of Turkish authorities are followed.

In addition to investigations against internationalists who have supported the revolution here in Rojava, activists who are active in Germany in the struggle for freedom are also repeatedly hit.

The fact that the bureaucratic and authoritarian apparatus of the German state primarily targets people with non-German citizenship is nothing new. With many Kurds living in Germany, this is a frequently used method to keep people away from the political struggle and to blackmail them.

Especially young fighting women are dangerous for the system, they organize against patriarchy and the system of power and exploitation. Especially against young women intimidation attempts of the state are directed to fight the increasing organization.

The internationalism in the struggle of the Kurdish freedom movement and the organization of struggling women are scaring the apparatuses of power, patriarchy and the state. They see that struggling people are uniting, organizing internationally, and their convictions are becoming more solid and their voices louder. They know that uniting the struggling people worldwide, learning from each other and seeing themselves as a united force in a common, worldwide struggle gives the struggling people power and strength that can be dangerous to the system.

The expulsion of Maria and the ban on entering the country are a new dimension of repression. However, the ban on entering the country for 20 years shows that the forces the democratic forces are antagonistic to realize one thing:

The internationalist forces will not be dispersed by the repression. The fighting people will continue to turn against these conditions in an organized way until the repression has an end!

We oppose this new attack with our solidarity, we send warmest revolutionary greetings to Maria and all fighting friends in the heart of the capitalist Leviathan!


Internationalist Commune,

November 2021

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