Help us constructing a wind turbine in Rojava

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We, the Internationalist Commune of Rojava, call on our supporters around the world to help us with our next step in the work of building an ecological society.

Most of the grid electricity in Rojava comes from the hydroelectric dams in the west, with about a quarter from the natural gas flared during oil production. Municipal and private diesel generators fill in the gaps. Even though the region is suited to harnessing both wind and solar energy, due to the regime’s decades-long oil-focused policy for Rojava’s economy there has been little progress in developing renewable forms of energy. This is an important part of the ecological revolution, and the Internationalist Commune intends to play its part in strengthening this pillar of the Rojava Revolution by continuing and expanding our Make Rojava Green Again campaign.

Rojava’s situation between mountain and desert, as well as its southerly latitude, make it an excellent location for both wind and solar energy. Our Academy is situated on a locally prominent ridge, which makes its grounds even more suitable for harnessing wind energy. We recently acquired a 12-metre steel tower, which we intend to use for this purpose. The political structures in Rojava intend our small renewable energy project to be a working example for society here as it shakes off its reliance on fossil fuels, for Rojava as a whole but in particular for the local area. But what we lack is expertise.

The material that we acquired

So, in the name of international solidarity, we make this call to you to help us. Those among you who have worked with renewable energy, whether as scientists, engineers, or builders, we need your help in making wind energy production here at the Internationalist Academy a reality. We seek your advice about what we should do and how we should do it. Get in touch with us. Those of you who would like to come to work here will be welcomed with open arms.

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Internationalist Commune of Rojava