Long March of Young Women from Xanaser to Dêrik

Yesterday the Internationalist Women from the Commune went together to Xana Sêr, a village next to Dêrik. We joined the march of young women for the freedom of Abdullah Öcalan, who is in captivity since 20 years on the turkish prison-island Imrali.

We were more than 200 young women, who walked together from Xana Sêr to Dêrik. Loud and clear we called out our aims. We want Freedom for Abdullah Öcalan and Freedom for Women. Along the way villagers and cars greeted us with their sirens, gave us sweets and showed their support for the young women marching together.

The weather definitely was not the best, but nevertheless so many young women participated. This is a great success. The rain could not stop us. The march ended in the youth center of Dêrik with a huge fire, some dances and of course Tea.

We as Internationalist Women enjoyed the march a lot. We are empowered by the view of so many strong and inspired young women. They give a lot of effort for the revolution here and the freedom of Abdullah Öcalan. We wish that all the women of the world would be able to see the power and inspiration of all this young women.

The situation of Abdullah Öcalan is not acceptable. It was never acceptable. It is incredible, that he can resist, despite his torture since 20 years. Isolation prision is torture. We know this from our Märtyrs in our home countries. He has to be granted the right to see his family and his lawyer. The situation of Abdullah Öcalan shows, how the complot of the NATO-States and other imperialist states deal with human rights: They don‘t care.

Abdullah Öcalans’ imprisonment is unique. This level of repression has to be understood as an expression of the strength of the Kurdish liberation movement and the revolution in Rojava. Because it presents an alternative and is a real threat to the system, the powerful fight it with all means. Abdullah Öcalans imprisonment is an attack on the global revolutionary movement. It is an attack against all of us.

We demand the freedom of Abdullah Öcalan and all political prisoners in Turkey and the whole world. We condemn the friendship between Turkey and the other imperialist states. We will fight against every form of fascism and capitalism in our home countries, in northern Syria and everywhere else.

Bijî Berxwedana Imrali!

Long live the resistance of Imrali!

Berxwedan Jiyan e!

Resistance is Life!

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