Make Rojava Green Again Call for Action Days on the 18 th and 19 th July

Make Rojava Green Again Call for Action Days on the 18 th and

19 th July

Rise Up 4 the Revolution


Together with the campaigns Rise Up 4 Rojava and Women Defend Rojava, we call for two
international days of action on the 18 th and 19 th of July 2020, against the bombing and invasion of
Basûr (Southern Kurdistan, Iraq) and the occupation of Rojava regions by the Turkish army. Together,
we call on all people who share the values of democratic confederalism – democracy, ecology and
feminism – to take to the streets and to Rise Up 4 the Revolution. From our side, we would also
particularly want to call for all ecological groups, movements and parties and to all people who feel and
see themselves as ecologist to join the demonstrations and actions.

War is the antithesis of ecology:
We think that to be ecologist means also to be against all the wars of aggression. Because, wars are the
contrary of what we, as ecologists, fight for. While we are trying to build an ecological and ethical
world where all living things can co-exist in harmony, wars are only further destroying and polluting
our planet. While we give so much effort in reforesting deserts, in building ecological energy
infrastructures, in providing non-polluted and non-toxic food and water to all people, wars can destroy
all of it in few days and pollute the soil, the air and the water with long-lasting effects. And this is what
is happening today in Bakûr (North Kurdistan, Turkey), Rojava, North-Eastern Syria and Basûr.
Through its invasion of Syria and Iraq, the Turkish state destroys all living: burning fields and forests in
Rojava, cutting down the olive trees of Afrin, bombing electrical and water infrastructures, cutting the
water flow of major rivers coming from Turkey to Syria, and now for some weeks bombing more than
ever the untouched nature of the mountains of Southern Kurdistan, polluting the soil, water and air for
an unknown time.

The Turkish attacks target all places which fight for democracy, ecology and feminism:
For years already, the Turkish state, with the occasional approval of NATO, the US and Russia, pursue
a genocidal war against the Kurds and other minorities of the Middle East (Êzîdî people, Armenians,
Chaldeans, Assirians, etc.) and is now invading Syria and Iraq against all international laws. But what
they are targeting is the political project that is behind those people: their goal is to put an end to the
construction of a democratic, ecologist and feminist area in the Middle East that could spread to the
world. Indeed, the Rojava revolution, together with the liberated Arab regions of North-Eastern Syria,
the Free Mountains of Kurdistan, the self-governed Maxmur refugee camp and the democratic Êzîdî
region of Sengal are all examples that another way of living is possible outside the Capitalist
Modernity. These are all places where democratic confederalism is put into practice and where
ecological and feminist societies are being built up. Because Rojava, together with those other places
inspire so many people in the world, they are a threat to their nationalist, capitalist and patriarchal
interests. Therefore, Turkey decided to bomb and burn every inch of those lands. Their message is clear:
either surrender to capitalist modernity, or face total destruction of the nature and the people.

The 15th of June, the Turkish army bombed Maxmur and Sengal. And some days later they started their
ground offensive to invade Basûr (Southern Kurdistan, Iraq) where dozens of bombs are falling every
day since then. The 23 rd , they also stroke Rojava with a drone, murdering 3 women of Kongra Star, the
umbrella organization of the Women’s Movement, in a neighborhood of Kobane. Also on the 25 th ,
another drone killed 8 civilians in the province of Suleymaniya. And in the mountains, the war

This is why we call for international solidarity! We ask all people who believe in the value of ecology,
of feminism and of radical democracy to take to the street the 18 th and 19 th of July for the days of action
and to join the preparatory actions worldwide.

Against all war of aggression, against all fascism and totalitarianism, against patriarchy and capitalism,
against the destruction of all nature:

Rise up for Rojava,
Rise up for the Free Mountains of Kurdistan
Rise up for the Sengal region and Maxmur, and
Rise up for the build up of an ecological and ethical world!
Alone, we are nothing, but together, we are unstoppable!

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