Me Soza Serkeftine daye

Another action to support the guerilla fighting in the free mountains of Kurdistan defending the Rojava revolution and humanity.

Me Soza Serkeftine daye – We gave the promise of victory

Young internationalist women showed solidarity with the women guerillas in the mountains of Zap, Avaşîn and Metîna and painted murals on the streets of Qamishlo.

Young internationalist women showed their solidarity to the guerillas in the mountains of Zap, Avaşîn and Metîna who are fighting heroic resistance against an enemy that uses all its technology to defeat them, unsuccessfully.

The internationalist young women said: “We decided to take to the streets of Rojava, by painting pictures and slogans of women guerillas. We had already done a similar action one week ago in Derîk, and we did it now in Qamishlo. More cities are to come.”

The statement added: “As young internationalists, we can not ignore what’s happening in the mountains, because the battle the guerilla is fighting is having an impact on the rest of the world. How NATO and the Turkish army will be defeated will influence the way special warfare in the rest of the world is organized. We call everybody to open their eyes concerning those international organisations who make war for their profit, for the profit of Europe and colonization.

As young women, we want to underline the resistance of the women in the mountains, that’s influencing the resistance and the construction of the revolution in Rojava and the rest of the world.”

If you want to check out the new song from AWAZÊ ÇIYA that inspired the slogan of the painting:

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