Message for the 1st of May!

Dear Comrades,

We greet you on the 1st of May!

The 1st of May is a historical day for the working class and has a great importance for the revolutionary movement worldwide. It is a day where struggles against murderous capitalist exploitation and against patriarchal oppression become visible worldwide. It is a day that connects us as a movement across the borders of nation states.

As internationalists in Rojava, we come from dozens of different nations. Among us are German, Argentinian, Catalan, French, English and Italian comrades, and many others from across the globe. We come from many different backgrounds – these are differences that enrich us, and differences that we learn from. This is a process that brings us together as a revolutionary movement; a process that emphasizes our commonalities and unites us in the struggle for liberation.

In Kurdistan, a liberation movement with more than 40 years of experience has made the most significant revolution of the 21st century possible. Out of this movement, the societies of Kurdistan, and in Northern and Eastern Syria have risen up. With their strength and unity, the ideology of Abdullah Öcalan and the leading role of women and youth, they have militarily defeated and smashed the Islamic state. Thousands of women have organized and liberated themselves, and countless communities and cooperatives have been founded.

With the on going success of the revolution, Erdogan’s threats of further major military attacks on Northern Syria – aiming to totally annihilate the revolution – are increasing.

No matter where we live and fight: it is our duty to defend the revolution and its achievements!

The attacks on this revolution of the Middle East are part of the same oppressive system that generates global climate catastrophe, the spread of fascist ideologies, and neoliberal attacks on the working classes.

Banks, corporations and hypocritical governments are leading the world into a climate catastrophe. They divide the people and accumulate unimaginable riches, while millions starve and thousands drown in the Mediterranean. It’s the same banks, corporatons and governments that provide the ammunition, financial and political support for the fascist Erdogan regime!

Our fight in Afrin, Kobane and Cizire is the same fight as in Berlin, Paris, Turin or Zurich. We are one front, one revolution, one fighting movement!

In this spirit, we call upon you to join the “RiseUp4Rojava – Smash Turkish Fascism” campaign and occupy, disrupt and blockade the war industry and fight against the hypocritical governments of the ruling class! Build communes, councils and cooperatives! Organize!

From the heart of the revolution, from the Democratic Federation of Northeast Syria, we send our warmest and most militant revolutionary greetings to all fighting comrades in the metropoles!

We wish you a succesful demonstration! Bijî sosyalizm! Long live the 1st of May!

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