MRGA Volunteers Help With Coriander Harvest (Video)



In the liberated areas, every harvest is a revolutionary act. Our enemies aim to destroy the revolution by starving us – through embargo, arson, and violence. The collectivised lands we harvested this week lie in the shadow of a militarised imperialist border that divides the Kurdish people from each other, and in sight of fields torched by the bitter remnants of Daesh just days before. But we continue, because this work is one of the two most basic tasks of our struggle – the creation of bread, and of roses.

Revolution is not grand acts of violence and destruction. Revolution is communities coming together to work the land. Revolution is soil between your fingers that no-one can take from you. Revolution is sharing food and looking after each other. Our promise to the martyrs is not one of blood and fire – it is that one day the children of this land can be farmers again instead of soldiers.

[vimeo 428145332]

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