My memories of Şehîd Elefteria

I met Elefteria in 2018. From the first moment until the last time I saw her, she was always determined to fight and never doubted it for a moment.

Elefteria the German anarchist who spoke a lot about her time in the Hambi and the struggle to protect the forests and nature. She was deeply connected to the struggle and the experiences she had made there with her comrades. Other comrades of hers were also in Rojava at the same time as her and she had the opportunity to meet them and exchange ideas with them.
One of them was Şehîd Şahîn Qereçox (Farid Medjahed) who joined the YPG International and fell Şehîd during the liberation of Dera-Zor on October 6th in 2018. It was a hard hit for Heval Elefteria, because he was someone she was close and attached to. However, this did not make her back off. On the contrary, it intensified her struggle

Elefteria never had problems to stand by what she said and fought every day. Whether against the personality that the system imposed on her, or the difficulties and problems that come with a life in the revolution. When she noticed wrong behaviors and approaches, she always addressed it openly and was not afraid to possibly upset others.
She was quite open and self-confident with what she is and was, but also with what she wanted to become. Despite all the previous experiences she had in anarchist circles, she always tried to be open to the struggle for freedom in Kurdistan, to understand the ideology of Rêber APO and what it means to live Hevaltî. Like most internationalists, this was one of her biggest struggles. Because especially those who come directly from the centers of capitalist modernity and want to become part of the communal and social revolution in Rojava have to fight the most against their egoistic, liberal and positivist thinking and behavior. Against liberalism that has been hammered into the minds of such beautiful people since childhood.
Some give up, go back, try to cover up their attachment to the system, but still can’t help focusing on their “old, yet so familiar life” again. Elefteria was not like that. She was looking for a radical detachment from the system. Detachment from the characteristics and the way of thinking that she had received from the system – the total detachment from capitalist modernity. Even if she was deeply attached to the struggles in Europe and especially to the resistance in the Hambach forest, this did not stop her from joining the YPJ International and even going one step further joining the guerrilla of freedom in the mountains of Kurdistan.

Elefteria a radical internationalist, a young fighter for life, communal, social, united with nature. In search of the true self, in search of truth, she overcame all obstacles and chose to live in freedom.

Şehîd namirin.

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