Şehîd Elefteria – The Beauty of Internationalism

Internationalism and becoming a true internationalist revolutionary is a topic that is discussed by many but understood only by few. There is no concept or formula to becoming an internationalist. However what is for sure is that it requires conscience, a deep connection to humanity, the ability to feel the pain of every people and to share the joy in the common fight for the beautiful life. Our comrade Elefteria, who fell martyr in the mountains of Kurdistan, the heart of the cradle of humanity, embodied not only these characteristics, but many more that make the internationalist personality the most beautiful one of all personalities. Şehîd Elefteria showed us what it takes to frighten the enemy: true internationalism that opens the doors for a new way of life – the beautiful life.

* English subtitles available in video settings

Internationalist Commune of Rojava,

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