Newsletter #13

Newsletter #13 of the Internationalist Commune of Rojava
and the campaign Make Rojava Green Again

Dear friends,

at the beginning of August, we will send you our latest newsletter #13.

At the beginning we would like you to commemorate the German internationalist Sara Dorsin (Sarah Handelmann). In June we learned that Sarah Handelmann fell on April 7th in the free mountains of Kurdistan as a fighter of the women’s guerilla YJA Star. Sara comes from the German capital Berlin and went to Kurdistan in 2017. In memory of Sara we have published the letter “In our hearts and in our fight she continues to live – Sehid Sara Dorsin

At the beginning of July we didn’t send you a newsletter because we only published a few articles on our website. In June and July, we focused more on the work of the campaign “riseup4rojava – smash Turkish fascism”. That we were right is shown by the latest threats of the fascist Turkish state against Rojava. Before we inform you about the current developments in this newsletter and how you can become active for the defense of the revolution, we would like to introduce you to two important articles that we already published in June:

Some time ago we painted the portrait of Anna Mae Aquash on the wall of the Rojava Internationalist Commune. With the article “Anna Mae Aquash – From the US to Kurdistan: the indigenous struggle for freedom, we tell the life and struggle story of this impressive internationalist and comrade.

The article “For a new Internationalism of Women: Democratic World Women’s Confederalism“, written by Meral Çiçek, REPAK, Silêmanî is available on our website.

RiseUp4Rojava – Smash Turkish fascism!
The #riseup4rojava campaign continues to grow and is now fully focused on preparing for a possible war of aggression on Rojava. We are ready to put massive pressure on the streets of this world!

Almost 40 organizations from 12 countries have joined the campaign.

There are now posters, stickers and flyers.

If you would like to print and distribute the posters yourself, please contact [email protected].

July 19 was the 7th anniversary of the Rojava Revolution. In this context, the riseup4rojava campaign called for a Twitter storm. Thousands of tweets have been written and congratulations to the revolution have been published under the hashtag #pirozbe from numerous places. A compilation of the most beautiful pictures you can have here.

New threats against Rojava
Over the last days and weeks the threats against the Democratic Federation of Northeast Syria have reached a new level. Tanks and heavy guns are already waiting at the Turkish border, F16 fighter jets are ready to go, and the Turkish occupying army is preparing to wipe out the Democratic Federation. In their wake, tens of thousands of members of Islamist gangs will march into Rojava and Northeast Syria. What this means is what we see every day in Afrin, the territory occupied by Turkey: murder, rape, torture and the expulsion of the local population. A new war would plunge Syria and the whole of the Middle East into renewed chaos and drive hundreds of thousands of people into flight from Turkish troops and their Islamist mercenaries.

As the Internationalist Commune of Rojava and international campaign RISEUP4ROJAVA we call for a worldwide mobilization against a Turkish invasion of Northern Syria:

Should it come to day X, the beginning of a Turkish invasion: take to the streets, take actions, occupy, disturb and block! Show those responsible in the government offices and company headquarters what you think of their war! Together we can stop the war of aggression of Turkey! No war against Northern Syria!

The revolution in northeast Syria will win, fascism will be smashed!

Call to Day X!

In numerous countries and cities plenary meetings take place at present to discuss the current threats of Turkey and to prepare actions. Join them and get active!

International Days of Action: Disturb! Block! Occupy! on September 6 and 7, 2019.
At the end of June, before the new threats against Rojava, the riseup4rojava campaign had already begun mobilizing for International Action Days in September. The aim of the Action Days is to block, occupy and disrupt arms companies and financial institutions that support Turkey. Actions are being prepared in many countries. Call and overview here.


From Ashes We Rose – support Rojava’s farmers!
This summer, the people of Rojava received a terrible new blow. Sleeper cells of jihadist gangs started to set fire to its first source of food and income: the wheat and barley fields that cover most of Rojava’s surface. Because of this, more than 40,000 hectares of cereals were lost, huge natural areas got also devastated and the estimated money loss reaches more than 33,000,000 dollars! This is a very serious attack to all nature and life in the region both economically and ecologically. Today, Rojava needs our support more than ever!

In partnership with Heyva Sor A Kurd (Kurdish Red Crescent), a fundraising campaign has been launched to help the farmers.

All the money will go directly to the farmers through the local agricultural department of the self-administration of Rojava.

You can donate here:

Youth and Ecology
Following the first collective action of “Fridays For Future Rojava and Make Rojava Green Again“ we talked with the students of Zanîngeha Rojava University جامعة روج افا about ecology and the climate crisis. We created this video to share something of our work and the ideological base of this revolution!

We still need your support!
Our goal as an Internationalist Commune and as Make Rojava Green Again is to finance our work here ourselves, and not to use the important financial means of the society in Rojava. For this we need support!

And we would like to thank all those who contribute with their donations, knowledge and translations to the success of the Internationalist Work in Rojava.

Revolutionary Greetings,

Internationalist Commune of Rojava and Make Rojava Green Again

August 10th, 2019

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