Newsletter #11

Newsletter #11 by the Internationalist Commune of Rojava and
Make Rojava Green Again

Dear friends, with the beginning of May, we are publishing our new Newsletter #11.

In the past month, new internationalists had the chance to see education in our internationalist academy “Sehid Helin Qerecox“, learning the ideological fundamentals of the revolution in Rojava and discussion around the meaning of internationalism today. With this knowledge and motivation, this friends will now start their works in Rojava, contributing in the different civil society structure to the revolution. It is a great chance for all of us to be part of this phase of the revolution in Rojava and whole Kurdistan.

# International hunger strike to break the isolation of Abdullah Öcalan

Since more then 170 days now, Leyla Güven is on hunger strike to break the isolation of the representative of the Kurdish movement Abdullah Öcalan, who is imprisoned since 1999. In a video message, Internationalists from England, Germany, Italy and France were sending their greetings to all the hunger strikers and called for active support for this struggle. In these days, in which the possibilities of a civil society in opposition to the AKP-MHP regime and attempts to break the isolation of Öcalan are crushed by the state, this hunger strike is an important fight, against the fascist regime. We as internationalists are standing shoulder on shoulder with this brave comrades.

# Association of the families of the martyrs

We visited the Association of the families of the martyrs in Kobane and with different members of the association, we were talking about their works, the meaning of the martyrs and the current threats of the Turkish regime to continue the war against the revolution in an even more aggressive way. The people made clear, that they are ready to defend Rojava against Turkish fascism, like they defended their land against the Islamic State.


In March, we had the great chance to welcome Debbie Bookchin in our Academy and to show her the works of the Internationalist Commune and the campaign Make Rojava Green Again. In a seminar she gave an introduction to the ideas of social ecology and we had the possibility to discuss them together with different internationalists from various countries and political struggles. While visiting the tree nursery of Make Rojava Green Again, Debbie spoke with us about the importance of the ecological works on the base of social ecology and called on everybody to support the revolution in Rojava and Make Rojava Green Again.

# Europe Meeting of Make Rojava Green Again

For the second time, activists from different European countries came together for a networking meeting of the “Make Rojava Green Again” campaign. There the activists discussed how the reforestation work and other ecological projects implemented in Northern Syria within the framework of MRGA can be supported from Europe and how to connect the different ecological struggles and resistances in Europe with the works in Rojava. From the meeting, we sent a message of solidarity with the hunger strikers, specially to Leyla Güven and Mehmet Ali Koçak, striking for the end of the isolation of Abdullah Öcalan.

# Repression against activist form Make Rojava Green Again in Denmark

Solidarity greetings were also given to the ecological activist Anne from Copenhagen, who is currently being held by the Danish police in Denmark to prevent her from leaving for Northern Syria to support the ecological work of Make Rojava Green Again here. In an public statement we condemned this repression and publish a translation of anarticle about the case in an Danish newspaper.

# Book Make Rojava Green Again in French

After many people were already waiting for it, we can finally announce the publishing of our book Make Rojava Green Again in French. The book is available at the Atelier de création libertaire.

# Ecological Works at the Academy

At our academy we could see how the tree cuttings we took in the past months are developing. In the beginning of March we were cleaning up the academy, planting different vegetables in the ground and planted more olive trees. Also we were processing newly harvested olives and discovered a new place close to the academy to take cutting from the trees. We did again a few hundred cuttings and integrated them to our tree nursery. The impression we shared on our website Make Rojava Green Again.

# Partnership between the city of Derik and Berlin

Also the works we have done in cooperation with the municipality of Derik and the twin city association in Berlin, Germany kicked off. In one day we were together with the people of Derik cleaning up the river bed where we started a small reforestation project. A documentation of this day and a distribution of the project can be fined here.

# 1st of May – International Solidarity

Al around the world people took to the streets to celebrate international workers day. Also for us, as Internationalists in the spirit of the long history of workers struggle, we celebrated the day with the people from the city of Derik and sang internationalist songs. To our friends and comrades around the world, we sent our congratulation and greetings for the 1st of May. The message was read on the streets from Malmö to Turin. At the same time, we called to everybody to join the campaign against the Turkish fascism and to RiseUp4Rojava.

RiseUp4Rojava – Smash Turkish fascism”

With the day of the liberation in Italy from fascism 74 year ago, together with many organizations across the world we kicked off the new campaign to defend the revolution in Rojava and to unite against the fascist regime of AKP-MHP in Turkey. With this step, we want to unite against the policies of western countries who continue to support the Turkish regime with money, weapons and diplomatic ties. In the face of the war in Rojava and the aggressive fascist regime in Northkurdistan / Turkey, an active antifascist movement against the war is really important. Only together we can stop fascism.

# Thanks for your support

Once more again, we want to thank all of the people who have helped us with translation work. With this support we could publish texts and articles in many different languages on our website in addition to English, including: French, Italian, Spanish, German, Kurmancî, Swedish, Greek, Polish and Russian.

To the end, we would like to ask you, also to invite your friends and comrades to add them self to this newsletter. For that, just send a mail to: [email protected]. With the e.mail newsletter we ensure, that we do not only depend on social media like facebook and twitter to communicate with the people that are in solidarity with the revolution in Rojava, cause we know, one day we will be blocked or our accounts will be closed.


Revolutionary Greetings

Internationalist Commune of Rojava

May 04, 2019

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