Palestina, Kurdistan! Intifada, serhildan!

Being the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the State of Israel, large mobilisations have been organized in Gaza under the slogan: “the march of the return”. Children and grandchildren of those who were forcefully expelled have tried to return to their homes, finding the brutal repression of the Israeli armed forces, which have murdered over one hundred people and left thousands wounded. Besides, while the Palestinian people suffer from brutal armed repression, the USA have decided to move their embassy to Al Quds (Jerusalem, the capital of humanity), thus accepting the city as the capital of the State of Israel and legitimizing its bloody occupation.

Seventy years have passed since the Nakba (catastrophe) reorganised the pieces on the Middle East board, threatening the lives of the Palestinian people. Since the birth of the State of Israel, its genocidal policies have been characterised by occupation, assimilation and oppression against the local population. This war of the State against the people has not only became the main excuse to feed the exacerbated nationalism which leads to committing the greatest atrocities: it has also become the great economic engine to maintain the occupation forces.

The war industry in the State of Israel, which exports weaponry and military high technology all over the world, is dedicated to train the armed forces from various capitalist powers. The accumulated experience, after decades of massacres and State terror, has become a great business and Israel offers specialised military training against urban guerrilla in exchange for large amounts of money. There are various States that hire Israel’s services, thus feeding the business of war, essential to maintain the capitalist hegemony.

From the Internationalist Commune of Rojava, the complex reality of the Middle East is not remote for us. The implementation of the occidental model of Nation-States has been one of the largest catastrophes for the multi-ethnic population that inhabits these lands since ancient times. The Palestinian resistance is also an old acquaintance for the liberation movement of Kurdistan: they shared the trench during the war against Israel on 1982.

From here, we denounce the massacres the State of Israel is carrying out, and we declare our solidarity with the struggle of the Palestinian people. The social model adopted by the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria may be an alternative to the problems of the Middle East, but it will only work if the people get together in order to confront the hegemony of the capitalist Nation-States.

Palestina, Kurdistan! Intifida, Serhildan!

Internationalist commune of Rojava

16th of May 2018

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