Pîroz be Newroz! Happy Newroz! – Greeting message from the Internationalist Commune

This Newroz we want to thank all the international solidarity with the revolution in Northern Syria and the Afrin resistance, especially all the people working for organize actions and movilizations in solidarity with the #WorldAfrinDay. All the demonstrations and initiatives to defend Afrin are very important, not only for raising awareness all around the world, but also for giving moral and hope to the all the people resisting under the bombs and the oppression of turkish fascism.

The brutal attacks under which the land and the people of Afrin are suffering, are a terrorist alliance between the chauvinist racism of the turkish army and the religious fanatism of the islamist militias. The self-defense forces of Northern Syria already defeated them in Kobane, in Raqqa and in many other places, and now they will fight to expell them from Afrin. Resistance is life, and the spirit of kawa will light the fire in this 2631 year of Newroz.

The Revolution that is taking place in Northern Syria is a revolution for democracy, for social ecology and for the liberation of women. It is a revolution against the male dominated capitalist system and against the brutal damage that it causes to our planet. It is a revolution where the women are taking a leading role in all parts of society, challenging patriarchal oppresion not only for the freedom of the women in midle east, but for all women.

The local resistance of the people in Rojava is also a global resistance, and the internationalist commune is a good example for this. From many different places, people who understood the importance of this revolution, are standing together with the people of Northern Syria. The values of this revolution, and the development of the society outside the logic of the nation-state system, are the best chance we ever had to see our hopes and dreams become reality.

As the internationalist commune, we are taking part in this society. We are learning, supporting, organizing, and defending this revolution. We know it is not an easy way, it is the way of effort and sacrifice, but it is the only way. Several internationalist have already made the biggest sacrifice here, giving their lives for this revolution. And as our friend sehid Helin said, ‘the fight will be continued in memory of those international people who died here. And this is something really beautiful for the revolution, to feel we can all fight together to create a better world’.

Now we will continue the fight in your memory.

Şehid namirin!

Pîroz be Newroz!

Long live international solidarity!

Internationalist Commune of Rojava


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