‘Dear Hêlîn, or Anna, because I know you liked your both names’ – Letter to revolutionary Sehid Hêlîn Qereçox

Hêlîn Qaraçox (26), International YPJ fighter, murdered by the turkish army while defending the city of Afrin on march 2018


Dear Hêlîn, or Anna -because I know you liked your both names-,

you were like the sun. You radiated light and heat, you gave life to all those people who crossed your path, that’s why all people who knew you loved you, they admired you.

I admired you, Hêlîn, for your strong and loving character, your positive vision of life, your enormous willpower, for how you did not give up for a moment on your goals. I admired your ethics, you never lied while giving your opinions even if they hurt, you never accepted an injustice, you never shut up when you considered that something was not right. You always wanted to approach Truth, reading, learning, listening. You had an open mind, always questioning the most basic precepts, never taking anything for granted, always seeking a new meaning to life. You took care of your companions and your friends, you gave real meaning to the concept of Mutual Support.

Hêlîn was a tireless fighter, and she is now our guide on the path of the struggle for freedom.

Hêlîn was a revolutionary. Hêlîn was an anarchist. But, above all, she was a free woman.

You came to Rojava to fight for the liberation of all women around the world. And you fought in all areas of self-defense. You fought against retrograde and macho ideas, you fought with a kalashnikov in your hand, you fought to learn the language, culture and traditions of this land, you fought against the part of your personality that capitalism had influenced, you fought to be freer and also make more free all living beings on this planet. And you have won in all these areas, no one can deny your victory.

Hêlîn means “nest” in Kurdish and there was no better name for you, because being with you, everyone could feel like being at home, in a safe, comfortable place. You created family wherever you went, the family we all want to build, between people who love each other, who care for each other, who support each other.

You surnamed Qaraçox in honor of the martyrs who died under the bombs of Turkish aviation, just at the time when you arrived to Rojava. Qaraçox is the mountain near the edge of Semalka, edge that artificially divides Rojava Kurdistan and Bashur Kurdistan.

Anna Campbell, British anarchist, feminist and internationalist.

To your family, to your friends, to your comrades, I can only tell you that I had the great luck of meeting Hêlîn. And I know that you understand what I’m talking about. And that I accompany you, even from the distance, in the pain and rage that her death has brought to all of us.

Hêlîn, you are going to be my way. Now I should not feel lost anymore. Every time the forces of the state, patriarchy and capitalism try to influence me I will think of you, and you will be my light to continue always looking forward. Like you always did. Hềlîn, your murder just gives me more strength and generates in me more anger. The pain is not going to blind me, it will only make me stronger. I know that while following your steps I am on the right path, the road to freedom, which was always your way.

I love you, Hêlîn.



I want to share with you a saying from one of the women who Hêlîn most admired. For all the women around the world, so that we never stop fighting:

“Since it seems that every heart that beats for freedom has not right to anything but a little slug of lead, I demand my share. If you let me live, I will never cease to cry for vengeance. “

– Louise Michel

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  1. she was truly, truly wonderful, and her politics were honest and real.
    she was a thoughtful and kind friend and such a shame to lose such a special person.

  2. Sincere Condolences !

    But is it so common that people who scarified their lives are announced on the Web immediately or families are contacted and informed before the loss is posted on the Web. I say this because families visit this website and it is not a good idea to learn the loved ones are scarified .

    I just hope that volunteers provide family addresses as a war zone discipline. Hope to see your response

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