#RiseUp4Rojava call from London: Kurdistan Solidarity and Plan C London

RiseUp4Rojava Solidarity Bloc

Sunday 27 January, 13:00 pm, BBC Portland Place, London

A year on from the Turkish state’s imperialist invasion of Afrin, which began systematic mass ethnic cleansing going on even now, and the radically democratic, anti-capitalist and ecological women’s revolution in north-eastern Syria is again under threat from Erdogan’s fascist regime – and just as before global Empire is giving the green light.

In response London Kurdistan Solidarity (part of the Kurdistan Solidarity Network) and Plan C London are calling on all democratic, revolutionary, feminist, ecological and anti-fascist forces to stand in practical solidarity with the Kurdish Freedom Movement – the women’s revolution must be defended! Join the solidarity bloc at this demonstration called by the UK Resistance Committee, on a day of action called by the Internationalist Commune of Rojava, to show that Kurds are not alone – we stand shoulder to shoulder as part of a global resistance, berxwedan jîyan e.

For the main event see below, if you want your organisation to be listed as a co-host please message London Kurdistan Solidarity. https://www.facebook.com/events/305724273404340/

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