Speech of internationalists at 2nd congress of Rojava Youth’s Union (YCR)

Speech at the 2nd congress of Rojava Youth’s Union (YCR)

We, as internationalists, salute the Revolutionary Youth of Rojava and Syria, we are honored and thankful for having the opportunity to be present in this historical congress. In a congress that opens the way for the struggling youth of all Middle East: Kurd, Arab, Turkmen, Yezidi, Assuri, Suriany, Armenian that are fighting shoulder to shoulder to build freedom together

Since the revolution started, militants from all over the world came to support the ongoing struggle, to give their effort, their will, and their blood to this revolutionary process, like thousands of revolutionaries traveled to Spain in the 30s to fight against fascism or went to Angola to fight colonialism in the 60s. We are not a new phenomena. We are following the historical tradition of international solidarity. The tradition of the oppressed peoples that know that an injury to one is an injury to all, that know that until there is even only one country enslaved, no other people can be totally free. We are following the steps of Sehid Ronahi, Sehid Avasin and Sehid Legerin, the steps of all the comrades that not only supported the fight from their countries but came here to directly build a real project of freedom together with the people of Syria and Middle East.

The Rojava Revolution is not only important for the Middle East. It has an important meaning for the whole world. In a context of global economical and social crisis, increasing fascism and advance of the reactionary forces, the Rojava Revolution is a lightening hope in the mid of the darkness of Patriarchy and Capitalism. As militants from abroad, we have much to learn from this historical process and the perspectives that it shows for our own countries, especially from the radical steps that were given by the women movement, who are breaking their chains day by day and are attracting the attention and the support from many internationalist women around the world. Today we can see that the participation of internationalist women are increasing not only in the civil works but also in the front-lines and the military structures of YPJ.

As internationalist, we are willing to defend the revolution from the heavy attacks that it suffering specially in this days. From the military attacks of the Turkish fascist state, but also from imperialist powers like the USA and the European Union that try to influence politically the Federation of Northern Syria, and use cultural and special warfare all around the middle east. This shows us clearly that it is not only needed to fight in the military battlefield, but also in the psychological, cultural and political fronts. Specially as youth we have to work and struggle in our daily life, to build and defend our revolutionary values and culture against the influence of the capitalist propaganda.

As internationalists we are committed to build this culture together with you, fighting for the Revolution in Syria and spreading it to the rest of the world. We know that the history of international solidarity between the oppressed peoples is silenced buy the statist powers, but we also know that we are writing this history here and now.

From the Internationalist Commune of Rojava, we desire the YCR a future of success and victory.

Long live the Rojava Revolution
Long live to the Revolutionary Youth of the Middle East and the World
Long live to Serok Apo
Jin, Jiyan, Azadi

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