The International Conspiracy: Imperialisms attack on the alternative to Capitalist Modernity

By InternationalistCommune / October 9, 2023

The International Conspiracy which started with Rêber APO (Abdullah Ocalan) being taken hostage on February 15th 1999 by Turkey is deeply intertwined with the history Imperialism & Colonialism in the Middle East.
Turkey’s part in this, is nothing more then that of a guardian executing the will of the USA, Israel & various European states. In the last 100 years the main objective of Imperialist forces was to create Nation States and local aligned powers to maintain their own influence and to establish their system of exploitation in the region. The goal of the International conspiracy was to eliminate the threat of a democratic and free Middle East by taking Rêber APO out.
Rêber APO (Abdullah Ocalan) answered with the creation of a new philosophical paradigm for democratic socialism and paved the way for the Women’s Revolution flourishing in the Middle East, the Brothership between Kurds and Arabs in the self-administrated Rojava, and the Resistance of the people and the guerrilla against Turkish fascism. The plan of imperialism was to make Kurds, Arabs, Turks and Christian minorities hate each other, divide them, and make them shed blood over territory and religion. Today, under the paradigm of Rêber APO, they are struggling together.

Freedom For Ocalan – a political solution for the Kurdish Question

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