To our families, the families of Ş. Nûdem, Ş. Avaşîn, Ş. Şiyar, Ş. Bager and Ş. Andok:

We have read the open letter that you wrote to Merkel and we are very happy about your coming together and the joint initiative. As internationalists who are part of the revolution and freedom struggle in Kurdistan and Rojava in different ways, as comrades of your children with whom some of us spent beautiful, precious and unforgettable times and moments, the memory of the martyrs is the highest priority in our life and struggle.

Even if there is no answer from the German Chancellor to such a letter, even if your request to name official public memorials does not meet with a positive reaction from the state authorities, be aware that the memory of your children does not depend on these persons and institutions and will not be measured by them.

Today, thousands of men and women, both here in Kurdistan, as well as in other parts of the world, remember Ş. Also, Ş. Avaşîn, Ş. Şiyar, Ş. Bager and Ş. Andok in their hearts and have made it their goal not to let them die, but to let them live. We are your children, and we will not let go as brothers and sisters of your sons and daughters until we have made their dreams, ideas and visions come true. They are a source of strength and hope for us and show us the path we have to follow.

In this sense we send you from Rojava the warmest greetings! Feel embraced by us! Together we will put an end to the Turkish fascism and build a better world!

Şehîd namirin!

Internationalist Commune of Rojava,


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