To our Zapatista Friends: 30th anniversary of rebellion of dignity

Dear Companeras, Dear Compas, Dear Otroas,

for your 30th anniversary of your rebellion of dignity and your war against oblivion we send you our revolutionary greetings full of respect, admiration and love.
Your fighting spirit, your colorful warmth, your sharp analyses, your creative humor and your radical solution perspectives from from below and to the left inspire us and give us confidence.

We are searching for our way.
We struggle as the women we are.
As pueblos who work on the fields
and lament our death.
As the youth who shapes its future.

From Chiapas to Rojava.
The murders, the disappearances, the poisoning, the war making
Whether NATO or Narcos.
The Patriarchs only know violence, ambush and lies.

But here and there.
30,40, 500 years after.
In every corner of the galaxy.
Resistance. Berxwedan.
A life in dignity.
Carried with joy.
We fight together!

All the best for your celebrations and your ongoing struggle!
With revolutionary greetings and respect,

Young Internationalist Women & Internationalist Commune,

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