Urgent Call: Freedom for Abdullah Öcalan!

Abdullah Öcalan has been imprisoned on Imrali’s Island for more than 18 years, to have led his people towards freedom and emancipation.

With the strict total isolation imposed on Öcalan by the Turkish State and NATO they try to exclude the people of the Middle East from Öcalan’s philosophy of freedom. But no sea and no walls could break the faith and the commitment that the Kurdish People and the revolutionaries of the Middle East had put into their Serok. Contrary to what Turkish fascist governments expected , the imprisonment of Serok Apo did not break the Kurdish Movement, but in the opposite he continued to be the source of inspiration of his people to struggle against oppression and for a democratic society.

The Turkish state is afraid of building a democratic society based on women’s freedom.

Öcalan’s lawyers haven’t been permitted to meet with their client since July 27, 2011. The lawyers have submitted a total of 786 appeals to date, all of which were rejected on arbitrary excuses like “bad weather”, “broken coaster”,  coaster repairs” and “the State of Emergency”.

The appeals are rejected with the same excuses every time, but in the latest appeal, a new excuse entered the stage: disciplinary punishment for Öcalan was issued on September 14, 2018 by the Imrali High Security Prison Type F Directorate’s Disciplinary Board. Neither the family nor the lawyers were informed on what the punishment was for.

It is a fundamental right of his family, his legal representatives and the Kurdish people to be informed of his health. The Kurdish Movement made a call that we allow ourselves to reproduce below:

  • We call on the Committee for Prevention of Torture (CPT) to intervene to ensure that the necessary information needed in this situation is obtained.
  • We call on all Kurdish and democratic groups to take action and demand an explanation as to Öcalan’s health and security situation.
  • We call on the international forces which handed Öcalan over to Turkey on 15 th February 1999 to intervene in the name of humanity and in the light of their collective responsibility for his captivity and later trial which was found to be unfair and his subsequent psychological torture, under European Convention of Human Rights (ECHR).

The resistance of Abdullah Öcalan and it’s Liberation is not a question limited to Turkey, Kurdistan or the Middle-East. Turkeys repressive policies, like the apartheid in South-Africa are not only local questions limited to a  eographic space. The day of the liberation of Nelson Mandela was a day of joy for all Africa and for all the people who were not willing to accept the racist and discriminative rule of Pretoria.

The release of Abdullah Öcalan and all the political prisoners in Turkey is the hope of conscientious people from all over the world. The internationalists who came from all around the globe to defend the revolution and fell in Rojava are the incarnation of those hopes, and their sacrifice will not be in vain.Demonstrations are taking place all over  urdistan, Europe and elsewhere. While Germany is inviting the main responsible, Erdogan, the people are standing side by side to call for the end of this oppression and the end of the international complicity of our governments with the repressive policies of Ankara. We won’t forget that the arrest of Abdullah Öcalan has been organized by the international collaboration of several states (Turkey, USA, Russia, Israel, EU) who, until today, stand for nothing else but occupation, exploitation and war in the Middle East.

We, the Internationalist Commune of Rojava, call for the unconditional release of Abdullah Öcalan, which will constitute the first step for ending repression and state terrorism, the removal of PKK from all terror lists, the  iberation of Afrin and the construction of a Democratic Confederation in Kurdistan and in all the Middle-East!

“In the Spirit of the Resistance of Abdullah Ocalan in Imrali Prison, We Will Liberate Afrin from
the Turkish Occupation!”

With this slogan we call for 1, 2, many creative, decentralized and powerful actions where ever you are! Send us pictures and videos of actions, calls, demonstrations etc. to: [email protected]

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