Viva la Resistenza Partigiana! Down with Turkish fascism!

Solidarity message from Internationalist Commune of Rojava & the campaign #riseup4rojava for the 74th anniversary of the liberation from fascism in Italy

On the seventy-fifth anniversary of the liberation from the Nazi-fascist oppression, we recall the example and the sacrifice of the many partisans who decided, with courage and humanity, to take the path of the mountain, the way of the struggle against fascism, sacrificing their lives for building a different, more humane, free and fair society.

Today as then we are called to make a choice, we cannot be short-sighted in the face of the rise of new forms of fascism worldwide. We must be on the other side, on the side of the Resistance, alongside workers, students, migrants, and wherever there are oppressed people who want a more humane and just future.
The Federation of Northern Syria, is experiencing the same clash today that saw the partisans fight more than seventy years ago. The enemy is the same as his mentality, and his practices: the fascism of today in Syria has the face of Erdogan, and of Islamic fundamentalism.
While the population continues its struggle for self-determination, women’s liberation and grassroots democracy and defends it against attacks by jihadist gangs and the Turkish fascist state, the representatives of our governments betray the values ​​of resistance every day, by doing business with this fascism and silencing its crimes. For them the revolution in Northern Syria is a danger because it represents the hope of a free, democratic society in which different peoples can live in friendship.
While plans are being drawn up in Ankara to liquidate the revolution in Syria, the European, Russian and US military industries become richer as a direct result of the war in the Middle East every day; making profits that cost millions of lives.

While hundreds of thousands of people have been driven out of the Afrin canton by jihadist forces, supported, equipped and controlled by the Turkish army, these jihadists and their families have begun to settle, exploit people’s resources and sell the Afrin symbol , olive oil, through Turkey to Spain and other European countries.
This is what the Turkish state means when it secures its border: ethnic cleansing and jihadist gangs that attack people on the spot.

Not only in Afrin but throughout the Federation of Northern Syria, a great resistance is underway that sees thousands of women and men belonging to the different peoples who inhabit this land but also many and many internationalists from all over the world who have identified this revolution as one of the main struggles against the fascism of our time, fighting side by side to defend this revolution which, thanks to the sacrifice of thousands of martyrs, was able to defeat the global threat represented by the Islamic State.

With the success of the revolution, Erdogan’s threats to other large-scale military attacks against northern Syria are also on the rise, pursuing the goal of complete destruction of this project.

The military and diplomatic collaboration between the AKP-MHP government, the USA and Western European countries must be unmasked and politically attacked.
We must build collective resistance against the cooperation of our governments.
The physical struggle against the Turkish and jihadist aggression in the Middle East must be directly linked to the fight against the politics of the governments involved around the world.
If we put the subject on the agenda in the media, in the squares, in the factories and in the classrooms of our countries, we can build a second front against Turkish fascism and imperialism in the Middle East.

In this way we must develop our action, connect it and internationalize it.
We must move from protest to permanent political resistance.
The Turkish army shoots and NATO provides the weapons to do so.
The people of northern Syria will respond to these attacks, and we, as anti-fascists and revolutionaries, will have to occupy, disturb and block the places of military, diplomatic and economic collaboration with Turkish fascism in our countries.

The enemies of the revolution in Syria are also our enemies, our unity is anti-fascist internationalism!

We call on all to be an active part of the #riseup4rojava solidarity campaign!

The revolution in northern Syria will win, fascism will be destroyed!
Long live the partisan resistance!
Long live anti-fascist internationalism!

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