We must not let the attacks against Rojava go unnoticed

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The airstrikes that were carried out in the last days by the Turkish fascist state against Rojava went mostly unnoticed by the global mainstream media. Especially the conflict between Israel and Hamas overshadowed the attacks that left millions without electricity, gas, water and lead to the cost of dozens of lifes lost.

In the last years we observed, how Turkey draws legitimation from the international silence over their genocidal campaigns against the Kurdish people and steadily intensifies its attacks. Erdogan and his treacherous partner in crime, foreign minister and ex intelligence chief Hakan Fidan even dare to show their blatant hypocrisy openly by condemning the very same methods they use against the people of Rojava, when carried out by Israel against the Palestinian people. With this policy Turkey tries to create an image of itself as a peace bringing regional player and negotiator as they have already done in the war on Ukraine. By distorting the reality of the situation in the Middle East, the true responsible for the escalating chaos stay hidden in the background and continue to push for inhumane and murderous wars. The democratic model of self administration that was established in Rojava, which is under attack since it’s very birth, has proven that peace in the Middle East is possible as long as the peoples of the region organize themselves without foreign intervention. In order to find a way, not only out of the regional, but the global crisis, we must not let the attacks against Rojava go unnoticed.

It is our utmost responsibility to pull the crimes of the Turkish state into the global focus and not to stay silent as the international state community does and thereby become a passive supporter of oppression and chaos in the Middle East. Every voice can play a role in the fight against fascism and for a life in peace and dignity. We just have to raise it and make it count.

Internationalist Commune of Rojava

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