Youth demonstration in Derik

On September 19, the youth met in Xana Serê near Dêrîk Rojava to declare the resistance of the youth against the Turkish occupiers.

Maybe a new offensive on Rojava is possible after the Turkish state tried to invade Heftanîn. Now there are concrete preparations on the part of Turkey and PDK, but in the spirit of the revolutionary people’s war the youth calls for total resistance.

We, as internationalists from the commune, also participated in this.

In the history of mankind until today, people have always been in search of freedom. For this goal there has always been resistance and struggle. Because without resistance and struggle there can be no freedom. The values of humanity are freedom. Therefore the hegomonic forces and occupiers always try to attack this value and want to preserve humanity without will and values, using them as slaves. In history, people have always fought the war of freedom against slavery and oppression.

It is possible to defend the achievements of the revolution with the will and reality of a fighting people. There can be no freedom without resistance and struggle.

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