The resistance is not over – Open letter after the #WorldAfrinDay

[Letter in english, translations below: spanish, french, portuguese,]   We, who are working here in Rojava as internationals, are part of the worldwide fight of the opressed against the reign of state, capital and pathriarchy. – șehid Hêlîn Qercox The #WorldAfrinDay has been a historical example of resistance and international solidarity. Thousands took to the […]

¿Qué ha pasado en Afrin? Hoja de ruta para quien se pierde en las ecrucijadas de Oriente Medio.

Afrín se ha convertido en el escenario del ultimo episodio de la sangrienta guerra en Siria. Tras dos meses de intensa resistencia contra las fuerzas invasoras, las SDF (Fuerzas Democráticas de Siria, milicia popular multiétinca liderada por las YPG/YPJ kurdas) se han retirado de la ciudad que da nombre al cantón de Afrín, asegurando un […]

What has happened in Afrin? A guide to understand the Middle East puzzle

Afrin has become the scene of the latest episode of the bloody war in Syria. After two months of intense resistance, the SDF [Syrian Democratic Forces, a multiethnic militia led by the Kurdish YPJ/YPG] have withdrawn from the city that gives its name to the Afrin Canton so as to ensure that civilians have an […]

Letter to the Ş. Legerîn Çiya (Alina Sánchez) from her friends and comrades of Jineolojî Academy

[English, Spanish below] Dear family and friends of our beloved friend and comrade hevala Legerîn Çiya (Alina Sánchez), We send you our warmest greetings from Rojava – a part of Kurdistan where we have been living, working and struggling together with our friend hevala Legerîn. While all powers of the world have united to impose […]

Compilation of calls in solidarity with Afrin for the 24/03 #WorldAfrinDay

  The call for the #WorldAfrinDay on 24 March is being answered for many groups and organizations all around the world. Several hundreds of demonstration are happening since the beginning of the turkish invasion, and we can not collect all of them. We will try to make a list with some events will happen on […]