“I hear a difference in their shouts”: marching on Başur with the Kurdish youth

After two days on the road with the Kurdish Youth Movement, our feet are sore and our throats hoarse. In the end, a thousand-strong torrent of youth were beaten back by the gun-butts of the Iraqi Kurdish peshmerga as they attempted to cross the Tigris river border and join a “human shield” defending the Qandil […]

Rojava to Bașur: Internationalist Commune to march on border with Kurdish youth

A previous march from Derik to a Yezidi refugee camp in January 2018 Members of the Internationalist Commune are marching from Rojava to Bașur (South Kurdistan) alongside the Kurdish Youth Union, protesting Turkey’s violent invasion of the Qandil mountains and the craven complicity of Masoud Barzani and the puppet state of Iraqi Kurdistan. We will […]

Picture galleries – building the Internationalist Academy şehîd Hêlîn Qereçox

In june 2018 the Internationalist Academy şehîd Hêlîn Qereçox has been inaugurated. After several months of work, we are very happy to share the pictures of all this months of work. In September 2017 we started the building works of the first Internationalist Academy of Rojava. After checking different places, finally we started to prepare […]

One year in the Internationalist Commune of Rojava

Dear friends, One year ago, 12th of June 2017, we shared the first public statement of the Internationalist Commune of Rojava, presenting our project to the world. Also 12th of June is the birthday of Anna Campbell, şehid Helin Qereçox, who give name to the first Internationalist Academy of Rojava. Today, after one year of […]

Letter of the Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement about the Afrin Resistance

The Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement’s [RAM] participation in World Afrin Day demonstrates the importance of establishing links between revolutionary freedom struggles in the world today. RAM is positioned in the United States as a political organization dedicated to fighting against the continued enslavement of black people, and against the state and capitalism. The organization regards the […]

Palestina, Kurdistan! Intifada, serhildan! – Solidarity with the Palestinian struggle, against the brutality of the Israeli state

Being the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the State of Israel, large mobilisations have been organized in Gaza under the slogan: “the march of the return”. Children and grandchildren of those who were forcefully expelled have tried to return to their homes, finding the brutal repression of the Israeli armed forces, which have murdered […]

Rojava to Lesvos – solidarity with the #Moria35

We, the Internationalist Commune of Rojava, stand in solidarity with the #Moria35 political prisoners. These refugees were subjected to police brutality, found guilty on false charges, and are currently imprisoned in direct contravention of a court order. Their only “crime” was to engage in a peaceful demonstration outside the European Asylum Support Office on the […]

[Video] Homenaje a Dr. Alina Sanchez – Şehîd Lêgerîn Çiya – Kurdî / Castellano

La doctora Alina Sanchez de Argentina fue martir en la lucha contra el sistema fascista, kapitalista y patriarcal. Con su nombre Kurdo Lêgerîn Çiya ella participó en la revolución de Rojava, creando una sistema alternativa de salud. Eso es una homenaje a la vida de esa mujer revolucionaria que dedicó su vida a la busqueda […]