Şehîd Kendal Breizh and Şehîd Baran Galicia, Internationationalist fighters of YPG ranks in Afrin Resistance

Fallen martyrs of Afrin resistance Our comrades, Kendal Breizh and Baran Galicia, two of our internationalist fighters, who took their places at the forefront of the historical resistance against the fascist attacks of the invading Turkish army and its allied gang groups against the Canton Afrin, were martyred in the clashes with the occupiers at […]

Statement to be read in Strasbourg from the internationalists of the long march

Dear comrades, those who are walking in solidarity for the liberation of Abdullah Öcalan and all political prisoners in Turkey and all over the world, for the defense of the Rojava revolution and the end of the Turkish invasion in Afrin, we salute you! We came from different parts of the world, we are people […]

Call for protests against the NATO-Conference in Munich

We, the Internationalist Commune of Rojava, call on people to join the protests against the NATO-organized security conference in Munich. Representatives of military, government and arms companies who meet at the Hotel Bayerischer Hof from 16 to 18 February do not represent our interests but the hegemonical interests of their states and the interests of […]

Aufruf zu den Protesten gegen die Nato-Sicherheitskonferenz in München

Wir, die Internationalistische Kommune von Rojava, rufen zur Unterstützung der Proteste gegen die von Nato-Staaten organisierte Sicherheitskonferenz in München auf. Die Vertreter*innen von Militär, Regierungen und Rüstungskonzernen die sich vom 16. bis 18. Februar im Hotel Bayerischer Hof treffen, vertreten nicht unsere Interessen, sondern die Hegemonieinteressen ihrer Staaten und die Interessen des Kapitals. Wenn diese […]

Long live to international solidarity! – Greetings message to the international long march

Dear internationalist friends, dear comrades, We are today part of an international struggle for a free and democratic life. We are a part of a historical fight between freedom and oppression. Wherever we are, if in Kurdistan, in Europe or other parts of the world, our fight is a common struggle that cannot be divided. […]

“Our aim is to create an international movement able to change the capitalist drift that humanity is suffering”

On December 2017 a solidarity committe made this interview, but for different reasons, it has not been published until now. We think is nice interview for understand better the project of the Internationalist Commune of Rojava so we decided to publish it. What kind of work have you been doing so far? Before the commune, […]

Everywhere is Afrin, everywhere is resistance – stop Turkish fascism! [Statement from the Internationalist Commune]

For 13 days, the fascist Turkish Army and jihadist militias have bombarded, attacked and occupied the Afrin region in Rojava, northern Syria. As people who followed their conscience and came to Rojava to participate in the revolution, as internationalists and part of a society in northern Syria in the midst of revolutionary struggle, we are […]

Statement from the Internationalist Commune of Rojava – Defending the Revolution Means Defending Afrin

After months of work on a new project, and a week after the beginning of the Turkish invasion of Afrin, we as the Internationalist Commune of Rojava would like to share our situation with this public statement. Defending the Revolution Means Defending Afrin As internationals in Rojava, we came to learn about, support, and help […]