Why Jineolojî? Re-Constructing the Sciences towards a Communal and Free Life

Gönül Kaya is a journalist and representative of the Kurdish women’s movement. This article is the transcript of her speech at the Jineolojî Conference in March 2014 in Cologne, Germany. Why Jineolojî? Re-Constructing the Sciences towards a Communal and Free Life The Free Women’s Movement of Kurdistan evaluates jineolojî as an important step in its […]

Feminist pacifism or passive-ism?

The next article of Dilar Dirik was published in OpenDemocracy the  7 of march of 2017 Tomorrow is International Women’s Day. In the face of increasing femicide, sexual violence and rape culture, we need to confront the question of women’s self-defence.  When some white women celebrate the non-violence of women’s marches against Trump and then […]

Kurdish Women’s Radical Self-Defense: Armed and Political

This article of Dilar Dirik was published in TeleSur the 7 july 2015 The Kurdish women’s resistance operates without hierarchy and domination and is part of larger, societal transformation and liberation. The world’s powerful institutions operate through the state-structure, which has the ultimate monopoly on decision-making, economy, and the use of force. At the same […]

Self-government and Land Redistribution

The follow column,“Özyönetim ve toprak dağıtılması,” was written by Metin Yeğin for Özgür Gündem and published on 29 october of 2015. The translation in english was done by Rojava Report . According to a recent news piece I read the Kobanê Agricultural Council has decided to redistribute more than 10.000 hectares to poor farmers. With […]

Declaration of the 1st Conference of Mesopotamian Ecology Movement

Final Declaration of the 1st Conference held on April 23-24, 2016, in Wan – North Kurdistan On April 23 and 24, 2016, the Mesopotamian Ecology Movement (MEM) held its first conference in the city of Wan (Van). One hundred delegates participated, coming from the provinces Amed (Diyarbakir), Dîlok (Gaziantep), Riha (Sanliurfa), Merdîn, Muş, Wan, Elih (Batman), […]

Mensaje de Janet Biehl para la asamblea de ecología de Amed

A continuación reproducimos una carta de Janet Biehl publicada originalmente en su pagina el 7 de marzo de 2015 Fui invitada a participar en la Asamblea de Ecología en Amed (Diyarbakir), celebrada el 28 de Febrero. Los organizadores querían que explicara el pensamiento de Bookchin acerca de la ecología. Desafortunadamente no fui capaz de atender personalmente, pero […]

Message from janet Biehl to Amed Ecology Assembly

Originally published by Janet Biehl on March 7, 2015 I was invited to participate in the Ecology Assembly in Amed (Diyarbakir), which met on February 28. The organizers wanted me to explain Bookchin’s thinking about ecology.  Unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend personally, but I wrote a message to that effect and added some of my own […]

Eine neue Form der internationalen Solidarität

Duran Kalkan, Mitglied des Exekutivrates der KCK in einem Interview für den Kurdistan Report Was können wir unter Demokratischer Autonomie oder dem Demokratischen Konföderalismus verstehen? Ist dieses System regional begrenzt und wird damit nur die kurdische Bevölkerung angesprochen? Die Demokratische Autonomie kann ich, indem ich einen historischen Abriss mache, wie folgt erklären: Früher gab es […]